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 [S2] vs Sharp Shooters GS on Fushee Pass
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PostPosted: 1:15 PM, Tue 19 Aug 2008    Post subject: [S2] vs Sharp Shooters GS on Fushee Pass Reply with quote

Well its been a while but the old typewriter has been dusted off, and set on top of an empty ammo case. The [S2] lads had led an expidition into fushee pass but with the majority of the younger troops already selected for duty, spots were being filled in by older recruits. Not knowing what to expect in the pass, when they came across what seemed to be an abandoned mine, and then across the valley was another similar mine with its chimmney's belching smoke, they knew that the valley was occupied. The [S2] commander sent forward scout who brought back bad news, The enemy min e was being held be a enemy mercenary unit bearing the designation "Sharp Shooters"

Round 1 [S2] as USMC

With a bit of a shake up to the line up as 2 people failed to show up, but with some coaxing Captiain VyperAus was able to get Comrade Radek and, Sefski to return to the battlefield.So with a full line up of 10 the Captain was happy and looking forward to the battle kicking off. The [S2] rollout went to plan. Oxi spawning right next to a DPV and hammering it all the way to island and securing the flag there to put SS on the bleed. The armour drivers, Bullant and HRT spawned in opposite locations so swapped vehicles but still did the same rolls, Bullant pouring fire onto the hilltops overlooking island with the APc while HRt was locking down the low northern bridge, getting some nice mine kills. Vyper took off in a DPV as well doing some jihad work and keeping the SS guys on their toes at their main and with their armour. Even with the bleed on SS weren't going to take things lying down, they infiltrated guys up on the Northern side of the US main running through the trees to get into the massive refinery building. The ever alert commander Jax was was awake to this threat letting [S2] co-ordinate a defensive move to eliminate the threat, but SS kept trying and succeed twice in getting troops onto the flag at East Mine Entrance. And then with a well co-ordinated push as well the finally pushed through the spread [S2] defences and capped island, but only for a short time, as Oxi and his attack squad responded well, along with some good APC work by Bulli providing cover once more, they secured up the flag and the bleed. With the defensive line once more set, [S2] went to work taking tickets, and saving their own, and letting the bleed do its job as well. And The round ended with the bleed doing the work, 77 - 0 in favour of [S2]

Round 2 [S2] as China

This Round was going to be alot harder, with one player dropping out, [S2] were down to 9 but with 77 tickets on the board were quite happy with the 1st round. A slight change of tactics and the 2nd round was underway. With SL's heading towards the USMC main and bypassing the Island. SS rolled out quickly with massed infantry and armour support to cap island, allowing the [S2] SL to sneak in behind the armour and grey their main flag. The jihad support went terribly wrong and got taken down before it reached the armour, and then the SS armour rolled back and cleared out the [S2] attack squad leaving the flag grey. So [S2] were on the back foot, but not on the bleed as the USMC main was still grey. Once more the SL rolled in towards the USMC main, as SS did the same sending a lone Spec ops trooper into the West Mine to take down the Uav and cause havoc. The attempt on the USMC main failed again, and this time SS realised and had troops back their securing their main and raising the flag, putting [S2] on the bleed. The [S2] armour was kept busy locking down any attempted break out from the island and getting quite a few kills as they did it, keeping the tickets close to the bleed. Finally the [S2] attack squad got into a good position, got on the flag, the squad members were wiped out, but the SL stayed alived, but was in alot of danger as there was a tank and an apc around and the APC knew roughly where he was. just as his squad started spawning in, help arrived in the form of a well placed jihad, taking down the APC and making a hole in the SS defences, followed up by a TOW and Eryx combo taking down the tank. The squad members scrambled into the flag cap radius watching it go down waiting for the counter attack, but there was none. So East mine entrance was secured and taken by [S2] putting SS onto the bleed for the 1st time in the 2nd round. SS though were stopping they had managed to get into the West Mine, but a timely fall back call by Jax, made sure our armour boys were there covering the flag and cutting down all attacks. [S2] also put to work the new armour they had secured at the East Mine, with the tank pouring fire into Island as well as the APC, as SS sent troops scrambling up both hill sides trying to get into a flag to get off the bleed, but with some good infantry support the armour managed to see off every assault. Slowly [S2] closed in on the Island, waiting till SS commited them selves to attacking West Mine and then pouncing, greying the flag, but with a good spawn the defending 2 SS troops managed to wipe out the [S2] attackers and then secured up the flag, preventing the cap out. But it wasn't to last long, as [S2] had closed the noose and were pouring a relentless stream of fire into the Island. and finally a big push and it was over, a cap out. The round ending 93 - 0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 77 SS 0
Round 2 [S2] 93 SS 0
Total [S2] 170 SS 0

What a game. A Big thanks to the Sharp Shooters, well played guys, you kept us on our toes with some very different tactics. Good Luck for the rest of the season guys. To the [S2] guys, good work all round. Great commanding and SL work, and some good work by the geriatrics in the armour. Also great to see some of the old timers coming back and getting stuck in, Sefski and Radek, great to see you back guys. The infantry lads well down, LMK, Bart Slayer, top job. So a good performance all round and a great learning experience for the newer guys. Lets keep it up

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 1:44 PM, Tue 19 Aug 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good Game Sharp Shooters.
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 12:02 PM, Fri 22 Aug 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

GG guys.. sounded like fun.
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