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 [S2] vs JM Gamespace 10 v 10
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PostPosted: 4:53 PM, Mon 28 Apr 2008    Post subject: [S2] vs JM Gamespace 10 v 10 Reply with quote

It seemed to us that HQ had something against the enemy JM divsion after their deep strike on our supply lines. Now once more they were sending us out hunting after them this time heading towards one of the JM bases in an operation HQ had nicknamed "Clean Sweep" we were going after an island base that intelligence had located as a major supply and rest area for the JM divsion.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
As always on Clean Sweep, US needs to get onto the island and cap a flag early and get off the bleed. [S2] had come up with a rollout that we hope would get the job done, with a double bail out of the F15. A squad landing on refuelling and a squad on Airfield. JM had set up their defences well with numerous armour pieces covering the Airfield flag, cutting down the intial main assault from [S2] on their main flag. While the decoy squad had a bit better luck, managing to pinch the APC at refuelling when the driver jumped out, only to have the APC then turn the SL into roadkill and then get on the flag, JM were awake to this threat having their bomber come in and blow the APC up. JM were also busy on rollout, dropping a squad onto the US runway to cause as much havoc as they could. [S2] were aware of this and deployed a LAV to couter this threat and after a fierce short firefight, the threat was cleared, re-opening the runway. The airbattle was pretty even, with the MEC bomber getting camped down several times and a few crashes breaking up the camping. [S2] switched to employing some RIB's and blackhawk as a mobile spawn point, but once again the JM defences were equal to the task with some fast moving defence and deployment of armour. The JM commander also kept the pressure on by hunting down the [S2] commander with artillery. Several times, [S2] troops got footholds and greyed flags, only to get cutdown by armour or a string of bombs or some well timed artillery. With JM holding the flags, the bleed was eating away the tickets, also along with all the troops that had perished trying to cap a flag. So with the bleed the round ended, JM taking it out 118-0

Round 2 [S2] as MEC
[S2] viewed the first round, as not a bad effort considering the bleed and the tight defences that JM had mounted. A good strong defence was needed and the bleed had to be kept on for as long as possible, were the orders that were issues for the 2nd round. On rollout thats exactly what [S2] did. Every Soldier manned their battlestations, not one piece of armour was left unmanned. Jm employed the Bail just as [S2] had, seeking to cap a flag quickly and early on they bailed at Control Centre, but [S2] had spotted the danger and had deployed enough assets their to defend, although the attack came within a hair's breath of succeeding for Jm, only thank tank managing to stay up as the last of the attacks went down under the tank adn also a covering screen of artillery. More parachutes were spotted ihn the sky coming down on the airfield this time, With JM getting a SL into the hills behind the flag and providing a spawn point, and with their jet also helping out taking down some of the armour that was on defence at the airfield. All the action was revolving around the Airfield Flag as JM pushed hard for that flag, but [S2] were scrambling their defences, with inf and APC support arriving from the refuelling station in the nick of time preventing the squad from getting on the flag, but the SL was still alive, causing several more forays before the SL was finally wiped out and the Airfield was safe for the time being. JM also had resorted to the Blackhawk and this was causing some havoc after bailing troops at control centre and then refuelling station. the infantry would get on the ground and several times pushed in on flags, managing to grey the control centre at one stage, but some scrambling defense from [S2] managed to snuff out the danger and keep the bleed on JM. Some more paradrops on the back of the Airfield heated up the action once more, Jm pushing hard and managing to grey the airfield flag, but for a timly bomb run and some lucky infantry on the ground from [S2], JM would have capped the airfield. Once again [S2] was hanging by a thread but managed to survive. The [S2] bomber then went to work and started to do some damage and rip off some more tickets on the US airfield keeping the F15 down as well. The Bleed was taking tickets down and soon JM were in single digits and [S2] only had a few tickets in hand, the bleed was still on and counting and was on 118 -1 in favour of [S2] and right before the ticket bled away the JM F15 crew got a missile off right at the last dying second and picked up 2 kills making the score 116 - 0

Round 1 [S2] 0 JM 118
Round 2 [S2] 116 JM 0
Total [S2] 116 JM 118

OMG!!!! What a match. the 1st round was intense trying to crack the Jm defences and having a few things go wrong. Was a fantastic effort by JM on defence, numerous times we would get onto a flag adn then the JM armour would roll up and just blow us away. The 2nd round was a different story, JM attacked several different ways on several different flags, and kept us working, but our scrambling defence managed to always wait till the last second before saving the flag. Big thanks to JM for a great match, was another great bash after the highway tampa 16 v 16. Good luck and we will see u in the rematch. GG's to the [S2] mob. the first round didn't seem to go our way but lady luck smiled on us in the 2nd round and we scraped through only to get pipped at the post in the last dying second. Well done to Oxi in the jet, and the defences in the 2nd round was a good team effort,


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