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 [S2] vs Cadre
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PostPosted: 7:22 PM, Mon 07 Apr 2008    Post subject: [S2] vs Cadre Reply with quote

After a rusty old start to the campaign and recieving a number of wounds in a fierce "Delaying action" (read retreat) against BNG, the high command decided that some recovery time behind the front lines is just what the [S2] divsion needed. So of course where better to send your troops for some rest and recreation but the mosquito infested Zatar Wetlands. Unfortunately, [S2] recieved some very late intel as they were getting all set up for a good old vacation. The enemy had been dropping elite specialist units behind the lines to create chaos with the supply lines and for soem reason one of these units after decimating a supply and ammo convoy were heading towards the wetlands to head deeper into the supply and training back areas. Intel had discovered that this was one of the enemy's best and strongest units, experts in deep strike, they simply called themselves Cadre. And so [S2] were detailed to comb the swamps and see if they could locate this Cadre.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
As any military tactician can tell you " any battle plan doesn't last more than the first 30 second contact with the enemy" And thats pretty much what happened in the 1st round. [S2] rolled out, with DPV's capping Factory and one racing to Central Island as the armour and AA pushed up from the airfield main. Cadre were no slow coaches either pushing out fast as well capping Farm and Natural Gas. So now the Central Island was the flag to be contested, [S2] arriving there first but getting ambushed by a squad of Cadre infantry who had climbed the southern hill, heading in towards the flag zone. The air battle was still quite even as neither jet could gain the advantage to wipe out their opponent. Meanwhile Cadre succeeded in capping Central Island, Putting [S2] on the bleed and also gaining the Mi 28. Some nice arty drops by [S2]'s commander did rain a little bit on the Cadre parade at Central island wiping out a few of them but it did little to stop the onslaught. [S2] was not only under attack and fierce fighting at central island, but also the armour and infantry had to deal with constant airborne assaults coming from the Cadre parachute infantry who were dropping in at factory and then at village keeping the pressure on and then capping village when it was left undefended. Leaving [S2] holding just the factory. The counter attack from [S2] was quick but was dis organised and quickly cut to pieces by the Cadre defenders, until a stronger assault was launched, with armour in support, finally clearing out the last remanants of the defenders. More pushes were done towards Central Island, but once again thwarted, mainly by the Cadre chopper ( no names being mentioned here Immortal) with an excellent display of solo'ing wiping out the armour and the buggies. Cadre took this oppotunity to once again drop their parachute squad into village and cap it once more. Factory was put under enourmous pressure from Cadre with the chopper picking off any armour attempting to break out, or smashing infantry squads with some really nice cannon work, and he just would not miss, every shot finding its target. With their attempted break outs being hemmed in at every corner, a lone DPV shot out the south side of the factory zooming well away from the chopper and any over atching APC's. It took a very strange route going around the back of Natural Gas, and then heading up and going around the bakc of the Farm, only to discover a tank at Farn waiting. The DPV hit the gas and took off like there was no tomorrow, narrowly missing a tank shell and then heading back toward Natural Gas, dodging the APCthat came rolling out of there, and Also a Tv missile that was shot at it by the Mi 28 ( the only shot he missed all game) and then headed once more up to farm but this time with some buddies on him with some AT rounds. Taking down the tank, which happened to be the enemy commander, and then capping the Farm. This Joy was short lived however, as Cadre rolled in an absolute convoy or armour and with overwhelming fire support from the chopper had the flag back in record time. The air battle was still raging on with neither pilot gaining the upper hand. But,with all the kills form the chopper and the bleed, the round was over a short time after that, Cadre taking it 147-0

Round 2 [S2] as MEC
After a short half time break a quick sub and a OMFG what the hell have we walked into here. [S2] once again gritted their teeth and got stuck into the action. Capping the Farm and Natural gas was about all that went [S2]'s way on the rollout. Cadre jet bailed into central island but some nice work from the [S2] Mig 29 slowed them down somewhat but it wasn't enough. Cadre had the numbers there and soon had the flag. So once more [S2] was on the bleed early but still pushed hard for the Central island with lots of gunfire being exchanged around there in the next 4 or 5 minutes. The Cobra was kept pinned for a little while thanks to some nice work by the [S2] Tunguska and some nice Arty drops. Trying to be sneaky [S2] tried to out flank cadre but every probe was met with quick and overwhelming force, usually armour. Cadre finally got the chopper up as [S2] was overwhlemed by several catastrophes. firstly, the tunguska went down to a Tv missile off the pad from the cobra, secondly Cadre out sneaked [S2] by doing a second bail with their jet behind the lines capping Farm. Leaving [S2] holding onto Natural Gas. The bleed was really hurting [S2] as was the cobra, which seemed to be leading a charmed life. The cohesion between the [S2] forces seemd to break down allowing a single soldier from Cadre to solo cap natural gas, when there was an APC and a tank sitting at the start of the bridge no more than 40 metres away from the flag. [S2] then pushed out trading alot of tickets time and bodies to retake the Farm and then to take Natural Gas but not holding Natural Gas, followed by some aborted airborne para drops which were wiped out within milliseconds of hitting the ground. Mercifully the bleed ended the 2nd round with Cadre taking the round with a resounding 153- 0

Round 1 [S2] 0 Cadre 147
Round 2 [S2] 0 Cadre 153
Total [S2] 0 Cadre 300

Well What can i say, when u play with fire you will get burnt. It was a great game from both sides. Thanks to LRP for the help with getting the game going after the sever obviously had some issues with timing and while the teams were on time, the sever was 20 minutes late. Cadre you certainly showed us what a top class side you are. thanks for the sportsmanship as well guys, was nice to see both sides pulling the knives out, when it was required. Best of the luck for the rest of the season. To the [S2] lads, was a great turn up, for the match and nice to see everybody getting invovled even when it seemed impossible, lets keep it up and the Win is just around the corner. Best way to some up the match "It was a right royal rogering!"

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 7:28 PM, Mon 07 Apr 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

gg Cadre, outgunned all the way.
sorry I forgot to enter the score Orange_Colorz_PDT_13
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PostPosted: 7:29 PM, Mon 07 Apr 2008    Post subject: Re: [S2] vs Cadre Reply with quote

VyperAus wrote:
"It was a right royal rogering!"

Understatement of the year IMO.

It was rape and they should be charged Razz
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PostPosted: 10:06 AM, Tue 08 Apr 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

VyperAus wrote:
"It was a right royal rogering!"

Does that make me gay if I say it was a good game? Orange_Colorz_PDT_34

- ar1es out
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