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 BNG vs [S2] On Sharqi
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PostPosted: 11:11 AM, Sat 29 Mar 2008    Post subject: BNG vs [S2] On Sharqi Reply with quote

Writeup by VyperAus;

It was late on a Thursday night when the, geretitrics from [S2] decided to sneak out of bed and try to ease the rust from their bones taking on BNG on the little old map of Sharqi. It was an interesting choice from the [S2] captain, once which he was soon copping all sorts of flak about. Especially When he originally told the lads that it was going to be 10:30pm on Friday night.

The match kicked off and apparently BNG (who started as MEC) had been reading up on all the sneaky things you can do on good old sharqi. managing to down our Chopper and then trying for the Chopper steal but when that didn't work it seems their whole team spawned out of the Mi28 and had a party at TV station to which we weren't invited. The BNG armour was making life difficult around c the city as well, as [S2] slowly struggled to find any semblence of teamwork. But slowly and surely, BNG were working on capping the flags, with little or no answer from [S2]. After being pushed back into Construction site, [S2] finally after a little while managed a break out and slowly started capping a few flags back, starting with city entrance and surveillance post, but both of these flags were contested by the armour once again. TV station as well was finally recapped but by that time it was too little too later as the BNG infantry had done their work well and the round ended in a comfortable win to BNG 110 - 0

After a short half time break and some desperate searching by the [S2] guys for some deep heat and something to give us a bit of a kick start. The rollout went 70% to [S2] with the Mi28 taking down the Cobra first, but getting hit by a TOW. And the City Entrance and then Hotel getting capped by [S2] in quick succession and we thought we might be in with a chance. But once again BNG showed how resourcefull they are ( read sneaky buggers) and sent The Humvee crew from hell into beach house. There was 2 humvees and a vodnik parked covering the spawn points and so with a blaze of 50 cal fire they stole the Mi28, and hid it behind TV station for most of the match ( i will explain more about that later) Surviellance post soon fell to some nice work by a combined inf armour squad and and the construction was under attack. The BNG Cobra was being a pain every now and again making a pass and picking off a piece of armour here and there. But the fighting around construction was thick and fast, and soon it was being held by [S2]. But BNG didn't sit back they sent out raiding parties from The Tv statin and then there was numerous raids by their Cobra and on very rare occasions the Mi28 even made a pass. On Several occasions BNG would cap a flag behind the [S2] lines, be it city entrance or surviallance post, forcing [S2] to divert troops to re-cap and then letting more BNG escape from TV.[S2] failed to press the advantage and go for the cap out or really lock BNG into TV station which was a bit of a let down on our part. Also Finally after a few goes i finally got some revenge on those buggers who nicked off with my chopper taking it down with an Eryx and some Vodnik 50cal fire. The round was better for [S2] but BNG still outkilled us all over the place, The round going to BNG 74-0

So BNG took the match 184 -0. Well Done to BNG you outplayed us on the night, and was a tough ask for us not having played in a while. Also who ever wrote up your sneaky tactics well done , they certainly paid off for you, and are getting filed away for future reference. A Good match played by all with a few knives and shockpaddles being shared around by both sides.
thanks for the game BNG, best of luck with the rest of the ladder. Once we get a few more games under the belt we will challenge you again and hopefully but up more of a fight. And Nuke thanks for waiting for our 15th player

See you guys around
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