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 Christmas Edition of News from the Front Lines
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PostPosted: 8:13 PM, Mon 24 Dec 2007    Post subject: Christmas Edition of News from the Front Lines Reply with quote

!!!!!!!News from the Front-Lines!!!

The lads fropm [S2] have been busy and in some hard action since the last report from the news desk. Unfortunately with the power cuts and black-outs from the war, and also the factory getting nailed by a bombing raid this report is a little bit late.

[S2] vs Ubik/ADP On Sharqi 16 on 16

Once again a late night on sharqi for the lads, after a hard fought battle the week before the [S2] lads hadn't yet left the shores of the sharqi pensiula when it was under threat yet again with the forces of Ubik/ADP moving into postion to take the Tv station and kick the USMC off the mainland.

Round 1 [ S2] as USMC.
After a battle the week before on Sharqi, [S2] were feelinging confident with a lineup that hadn't changed much from the last match. [S2] nailed the rollout and got the chopper up and nailed the Ubik/ADP chopper on the pad. The defences at Hotel held firm and defended against maruading buggies, and the front line troops were taking a pounding around main entrance, having the pressure put on them by Ubik's armour. The mec forces of Ubik/ADP forces pushed hard and managed to push in and cap the flag at city entrance, But swift calls by the [S2] commander and rapid deployment of the 2nd line forces caught the Ubik/ADP forces in no mans land between the flags, sweep through them like a harvester through a wheat field and pushed in and capped City Entrance back into the hands of [S2] The fighting was spread across the map, with Ubik/ADP staging raids on Hotel, City Entrance, and Construction Site. Managing to grey the flags several times. These raids and attacks, brought a rapid response from the [S2] forces. The Cobra clearing the area allowing the troops to march in and recap the flags for [S2]. The Mec chopper was an endgangered species, copping tows, arty, and TV missiles keeping it grounded. With all the flags back in the hands of [S2] the defensive line was re-established on the city outskirts, throwing back wave after wave of Ubik/ADP attacks. With the Cobra performing sweeper duties picking off marauding SL's and vehicles, [S2] had the map pretty well locked down. Ubik/ADP did manage to get a a SL in the buildings around Tv station towards the end of the round, but with the [S2] tank defending the TV Station forcing them to take cover until the chopper and reinforcements came through to clean them out. And so the round ended with [S2] holding all the flags and the fields outside the city of Sharqi was littered with broken bodies and burning wrecks. [S2] 129 - UBIK/ADP 0

Round 2
Ubik/ADP learnt from the first round and knew that the [S2] was a powerful asset and knew they had to get it on the rollout and the cobra did, nailing the Mi 28 on the pad. Meanwhile the [S2] vehicles had the pedals down, with the tank and APC being used to push on City Entrance and tie down the defenders there, while the faster vodniks got in behind the lines, with a SL getting on Construction and also Surveillance Post, capping those flags and getting [S2] off the bleed. Ubik/ADP still had their chopper up and was trying to keep the Mi 28 down, But they were getting hit by Vodnik 50 cal's near the pad at Beachhouse, the IGLA from Surveillance Post, Beachhouse and Also Hotel. More 50's cals as well from commandered vehicles put the Ubik/ADP chopper down, and the Mi 28 got back up in the air. With aircover provided by the Mi 28 on the Tv station, [S2] pushed a SL to TV and the fighting was thick and fast in the stair wells of the TV Station but [S2] prevailed, capping the TV Station and then denying the Ubik/ADP commander his assets.
Ubik/ADP hadn't been idle, pushing back and capping Surveillance back while the [S2] attack squad must have gone around the other way capping City Entrance with Armour Support. Once again the teams played swap-a-roo with [S2] taking Surveillance post, and Ubik/ADP ending up back at City Entrance. The [S2] Mi 28 was crusing over the battlefield like an angel of death, reaping the souls of the Ubik/ADP troops. Finally with a co-ordinated attack and Arty drop, [S2] capped City Entrance and also with the chopper intercepting the attack coming up the hill from Hotel on Surveillance Post. [S2] were slowly tightening the noose around the Hotel Flag. The Scythe from the [S2] Chopper crew was getting very bloody, as the cannon was wreaking havoc amongst the lightly armoured Ubik/ADP troops. [S2] then pushed in and had greyed the flag and were fighting off a determined counter-attack from Ubik/ADP trying to re-cap their last flag.2 Ubik/ADP troops survived the barrage of fire, and the gods must have been smiling on them as the [S2] commander's artillery barrage landed amongst the [S2] troops trying for the cap out, taking out the 2 tanks and APC and several troops on the ground letting Ubik/ADP survive the cap out. Once again the circle of fire was established and slowly getting smaller and getting closer to the flag, as the Chopper was providing a decoy and nailing anything that moved. Finally [S2] pushed in and capped the flag, with the last Ubik/ADP trooper, the commander hunted down ending the round in the cap out.
[S2] 152 - 0

Total score 281 - 0
Thanks to Ubik/ADP for the match was alot of good fun late on a friday night.

GS 10 v 10 [S2] vs AVA on ATOM
Well the powers that be, decided that after a defeat at the hands of AFO there was only one thing to do, get back in the saddle. And what better way to get back in the saddle than playing a new map against those lovely lads from AVA. The powers that be must have been laughing themselves stupid. So were the server gods when the server didn't show up, after a bit of work, a GA server was set up and everybody was ready to Rumbllllleeeeee

Round 1 - [S2] as PLA
With a bunch of crap spawns [S2] were on the backfoot right from the get go. AVA took both flags early, Wiping out the [S2] armour with a very nice arty drop that cleared the way to the flag. This let AVA cap the flag and put [S2] on the bleed, and with their superior armour numbers they proceeded to try and lock [S2] into the chinese main. AVA were not pushing into the Chinese main knowing that the ramp could be turned into a cauldron of burning vehicles from AT mines, C4 packs and AT Rockets. [S2] were keen not to be locked down and staged several break outs,managing to get to flags but getting caught by the armour counter attacks. Although they did manage to cap camp beta, [S2] couldn't hold it, as the weight of AVA's armour and artillery were brought to bear clearing out the defenders. The rest of the round were break out attempts that were cut down by some good work by the AVA commander letting his troops know where the vehicles were.
AVA taking the round 48 - 0

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
This rollout went better for [S2] capping Camp Alpha as AVA capped Camp Beta. AVA also Deployed a squad from a fast mover at Camp Alpha, going for the tank steal or to neutralise the tank if [S2] got it up. But quick work by the [S2] attack squad secured the flag zone, and then also cleared out the would be thieves and their nearby ambulance driver who jumped out of his vehicle and raced to help his wounded comrades. So now it was 2 flags each and it was going to have to go kill for kill. Armour hunted armour, AT troops hunted armour, infantry hunted infantry and commander's hunted for arty targets. The fighting was thick and fast all over the map, neither side wanting to give an inch. Apparently both sides had a few troopers with dubious histories behind them as alot of vehicles seemed to go missing ( five fingered discounts were on special ). Flags changed hands with [S2] actually managing to cap both flags and get the bleed on if only for a few seconds before AVA capped a flag back to bring it back to the deadlock. Once again both sides were going at it hammer and tongs, this time AVA getting the upper hand making a well timed attack catching [S2] with minimal defenders on Camp Beta, putting [S2] on the bleed and then also kicking them all the way back to the beach camp. The tickets wound down through the bleed and the fighting.
AVA winning the round 40 - 0

Total Score [S2] 0 AVA 88

Thanks to AVA and in particular their captains for helping sort out the pre-match server issues and getting this game up and going. Was a good match on a new map which was interesting to see how it played. Nice to see those Knives getting used, (apart from Krazy who saw me with the knife and shot me. just u wait till i get my chopper lol Very Happy) BOL with the rest of the ladder.
Well Done to the [S2] boys apart from Cryptic and his navigational sense. Don't worry i have sent an E-mail to HQ complaining about their sense of humour.

Thats it from behind the newsdesk
Wishing all you troops out there a Very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you lots of new guns and other toys to play with.


TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 11:21 PM, Mon 24 Dec 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Orange_Colorz_PDT_44 more writting than my attention span will allow atm, I'll read later.

Wasn't there for the Ubik/ADP game but that AvA game was a ripper.

Wiping out the [S2] armour with a very nice arty drop

yep ALL our armour, never seen anything like it, 2 tanks and an APC gone, just like that!
hax I tells ya hax Orange_Colorz_PDT_08 nah GG AvA
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