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 [S2] vs Combat Reign GA 16 v 16
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PostPosted: 11:56 AM, Wed 21 Nov 2007    Post subject: [S2] vs Combat Reign GA 16 v 16 Reply with quote

Once again the generals had committed the [S2] troops to battle, this time in defence of dragon valley, as it seems the code breakers had intercept a message from the other side, finding out that a crack section from their Combat Reign division was being sent in to secure the land as the start of the next big push.

Round 1 [S2] as PLA
[S2] got a decent start with the rollout, getting into position early, taking the armour from the majority of flag poin ts and setting up for a strong defence. Combat reign had other ideas, rolling in hard onto the island farmhouse flag. The chopper's duelled overhead, with [S2] getting the first chopper kill, as the farmhouse was being bombard by both sides. The commanders on both sides trying to flatten the area with artillery strikes. But the strength of numbers by the attacks soon meant that [S2] had been driven back and the flag was falling into the hands of CR. Before the flag went up, the Z10 from [S2] made a quick pass over the flag leaving a wake of dead bodies, before being called back to help defend hill village which was under attack from CR who had got a DPV across the river there. So CR were off the bleed very early with Island Farmhouse and [S2] were digging in on a 2 flag front waiting for the next attack. CR managed to spawn in a squad at hill village undetected behind the flag, and without the help of the chopper hill village would have fallen in short time. The minigun was blazing and there was a sea of bodies riddled with bullets from the minigun around the buildings as the chopper cleared the danger from the flag. Cr were not content with just the one flag, and there next attack was well timed making a diversionary attack on woodyard and then hitting hill village with their armour. The fighting was thick and fast around hill, the armour was driven off only at the last gasp though from some AT rounds by the defending [S2] troops. The next attack followed the same pattern except a bigger delay between the 2 attacks, the [S2] armour got sucked across to woodyard, leaving Hill village open to CR who pushed in fast, and also their chopper scored some hits on the armour at woodyard letting the CR diversion aattack also scoop the flag at woodyard, pushing [S2] back to 2 flags. The Air duels were becoming even as both choppers found it hard to take down their opponents. CR didn't stop their relentless pushing attacking both flags, capping powerstation after a couple of strong pushes, but [S2] capped it back after a quick artillery strike and a FAV run. The pressure continued, the next time CR capped powerstation they made sure they didn't loose it and started pushing up on refinery, causing the [S2] armour divsion to have to turn around on several occasions to deal with marauding CR troops that were sneaking onto the flag from around the oil storage tanks. The [S2] chopper was doing the same thing picking off the marauding troops and hitting the armour as it came through the front gates of the refinery. The flying cow finally was pushed into service by [S2] as they had tried to capture the back flags behind CR but they were taken out of the DPV, this time the flying cow managed to get a squad onto Island farmhouse and cap it for [S2]. Not a moment too soon as the UAV went up over the refinery, revealing that Cr had got some infantry in to refinery and had nicked all the chinese armour and were on the flag. some quick AT work by the [S2] guys neutralised the armour threat, but that was only stage one of the CR attack. The UAV revealed a sudden sea of red dots streaming in from around the oil tanks, heading for the flag, there must have been at least 10 infantry pushing in onto the nearly greyed flag. it looked dire for [S2] as they were going to loose their meagre assets. in a stroke of good luck, the chopper respawned and got airborne. with a pile of infantry in the open, it was a massacre of sorts, with the chopper gunning down the infantry as they scrambled onto the flag, like a harverster through a wheatfield. The chopper couldn't hang aorund though as it dodged a TV missile from the CR chopper and AA fire from the Hill Village. CR managed to nearly cap the refinery, but the flying cow made a re-apperance and onto the roof of refinery landed an [S2] squad leader, and very shortly [S2] had their main back. But the bleed was doing the work and so were the kills that CR was making. [S2] managed a short fightback, loosing island farmhouse but recapping woodyard and powerstation. The round ended with [S2] holding refinery and powerstation and refinery, and CR holding the rest of the flags, giving them the round 74 - 0

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
This was going to be a tough round. after a short break it was back on again. the rollout was pretty simple and followed the same line as CR did, with a mass push onto the Island Farmhouse. After a short while, the Farmhouse fell to the armour and infantry of [S2]. The chopper's from both sides were engaged in aerial duels with both gunners finding it hard to hit the other chopper but the CR gunner having the better of the first few engagments taking down the [S2] cobra. Cr had set up their defences well, counter attacking every flag except for island farhouse that [S2] hit. Grouping their armour effectively, they pushed in and wiped out any hope the attacking infantry had of taking the flag. [S2] tried numerous pushes, occasionally capping Woodyard, and Hill Village. The response from CR was swift and viscious, using infantry and armour to cap the flags back. On several occasions, CR staged raids on Island Farmhouse, tying down the [S2] troops to defend their only flag, top stay off the bleed. The Z10 from Cr was having a good time in the air, taking down the the Cobra again and working over the [S2] armour, but the overwatch from the linebacker and DPV 50'cals drove the Z10 off numerous times, limiting the effectiveness of the Z10 of CR. The Blackhawk from [S2] was causing problems behind the lines of CR, performing para drops behind the CR lines attempting to cap the back flags, and pulling troops back from the chinses defenses. leaving woodyard open for attack. Power station was capped, while CR was focused on the woodyard. Woodyard was then capped by [S2]. But once again CR was counterattacking taking the woodyard and then onto the powerstation, helped out by an artillery strike by the [S2] commander which took out the [S2] defenders. Alot of focus was on the powerstation as time after time CR pushed into the flag, but artillery and some very good defence by the [S2] squad held it time after time, under immense pressure. Finally the [S2] commander got his arty spotting in, landing it in the right spot and wiping out a couple of CR squads on the powerstation after the defence was wiped out defending the flag. Woodyard was then recapped again by [S2] and defences were set up again as powerstation fell to [S2] and then the chinese managed to sneak a fav around the side and cap the farmhouse again, forcing the [S2] troops to push out again and recap the closest flag. [S2] pushed in hard to try and cap the flags, heading towards hill village but the CR defenses were too strong. And after a long war of attrition the round ended in the favour of CR 46 - 0 after a fine defensive effort by the Combat Reign team.

Round 1 [S2] 0 CR 74
Round 2 [S2] 0 CR 46
Total [S2] 0 CR 120

The Dragon Valley was awash in blood by the end of this match. Many thanks to Combat Reign for a great match, well played guys, some really good attacks and some strong defensive work in the 2nd round. Best of luck for the rest of the ladder. Well done to the [S2] lads was a great match and well fought, had to dig in deep. Thanks to the Shoutcasters as well for a fantastic cast.


TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 3:30 PM, Wed 21 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry i couldnt be there. I have exams coming up and need to study.....a lot. Bad luck. Hope i can get into the next one and pwn
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PostPosted: 3:49 PM, Wed 21 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

gg combat reign, few lols to boot was good fun Smile
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PostPosted: 5:46 PM, Wed 21 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

gg CR was an enjoyable game, I never ate so many rockets before.
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 6:28 PM, Wed 21 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

darulezy wrote:
gg CR was an enjoyable game, I never ate so many rockets before.

haha neither Orange_Colorz_PDT_09
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