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 [S2] vs AHA 1st Match of the GS 10 v10
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PostPosted: 9:12 PM, Mon 12 Nov 2007    Post subject: [S2] vs AHA 1st Match of the GS 10 v10 Reply with quote

Once again the [S2] crew were getting back into the thick of the fighting, in another campaign on the gamespace ladder. This time a change of scenery, from the sides and streets that [S2] had been running thru and the dank swamps, to the open fields of the new map bocage. The opponents were a clan that [S2] had a lot of respect for in the gamespace campaigns Australian Heavy Assault (AHA)

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
The rollout went horribly wrong, with the SL for the DPV getting a horrible spawn and then deciding to tailgate the APC, while noticing that his intended target was swarming with the red dots of AHA at the powerstation. But with a few shouted curses and a roster-tail of grass and dirt flying out behind the DPV it finally headed in the right direction. The [S2] APC and tank pushed up and had capped the Ami outpost, while AHA already had the bleed on holding the Chinese outpost and powerstation. The bleed didn't last long as [S2] struck back, the SL getting across the bridge and spawning in the rest of his squad. AHA was locking to lock down the flag with 2 tanks, an APC and infantry swarming all over the middle island. [S2]'s attack caught them slightly off guard, as the armour from AHA ran into a swarm of AT rounds launched by the [S2] attack squad. the fighting was thick and fast, with the flag being cleared out, the medics working hard reviving fallen comrades and the SL finding a nice little spot to relax in as the squad went to work. The flag was soon in [S2]'s hands, but in a well worked move, AHA managed to keep the tank secure, dropping it back behind their frontlines, where it could still do damage, but was out of reach of the AT rounds. The AHA commander was deadly accurate with his arty, wiping our the defences around powerstation time after time, normaly times with an infantry assault, from numerous different directions. The[S2] defenders were forced to scarmbled, with the powerstation flag being greyed on several occasions before the defenders could clear out the attackers. How quikcly things can change, one moment [S2] had the bleed, the next instant AHA had sneaked a SL around the side and was capping the Ami outpost, disrupting the [S2] defences. The defences then suffered a double blow with both the [S2] tank and APC going down under a barrage of tank shells, Hj 8 shots and Eryx's from AHA, coupled this with a co-ordinated arty strike and infantry rush and the whole round had changed. Now AHA held 3 flags and had pushed [S2] back into the US main. AHA's commander was having a golden run with his arty, neautralising several [S2] attacks. [S2] not to be outdone pushed back hard, using the armour as decoys, succeeding in getting a a few troopers onto the flag at Ami outpost, capping it back. [S2] pushed hard, but with 3 pieces of armour and after holding the bleed for a decent length of time, AHA had done it. They turned a 2 flag to 1 against into a 3 flag for, and with the bleed and a strong defence on the island taking the round out 39 - 0

Round 2 [S2] as PLA
After a quick chat in the break, a quick sub and a rework of the battle plan it was back into the action.
The rollout worked better this time for [S2] capping the chinese outpost and the powerstation in quick succession. AHA capped Ami outpost but came under a barrage of fire from the [S2] positions overlooking the Ami outpost flag. The DPV run by AHa was cut off a justa s the DPV got near the middle of the bridge, and the squad manage to spawn in, but with support form the defending APC and the infantry, the threat to the powerstation flag was neutralised. With that, [S2] blew the southern bridge to powerstation to slow down one avenue of attack, and concentrated on spreading out ( being very weary of the AHA commander's arty) and holding the 2 flags. massive amounts of firepower was poured into the Ami outpost making any trooper's life down there a very short affair. AHA were not short on ideas of attacking the flags, sending infantry to swim the river and scale the hills on several various sides and directions. Repair runs on the Southern bridge and then trying tog et a DPV and APC across, and sending the APC on the long way around. But due to some excellent spotting, and nice commander work, all these attacks were spotted and dealt with by the determined [S2] defensive forces. The commander from [S2] also showing a change of form actually managing to lay down some very effective artillery barrages. With the bleed taking the tickets down the [S2] defences held firm. Right near the end of the round, AHA mounted a successful assault managing to get around the [S2] defences and capping the Chinese outpost, a nice run but too little too late in the 2nd round, the defence and bleed taking the round out for [S2] 104 - 0

Round 1 [S2] 0 AHA 39

Round 2 [S2] 104 AHA 0

Total [S2] 104 AHA 39

An interesting game, with some great attacks and defence shown by both sides. Thanks to AHA for a great match, you guys made a great comeback in the 1st round well done and your commander was deadly with his arty drops.. Look forward to playing you guys again. To the [S2] crew, well done after a setback and some quick discussion we fought back hard and made a massive improvement in the 2nd round. Great game all round and thanks to the guys who jumped in at the last minute to fill in.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 6:38 PM, Tue 13 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 7:26 PM, Tue 13 Nov 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done [S2].. great come back Orange_Colorz_PDT_02

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