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 [S2] VS AFO GS 10 v 10
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PostPosted: 11:20 AM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: [S2] VS AFO GS 10 v 10 Reply with quote

After a short hiatus in the desert to gather their thoughts and to resupply ( all the important stuff, beer, guns and ammo) The [S2] lads came out of the desert looking for a fight and they were going to get one, AFO forces had landed on the beach in the Gulf of Oman, what better place to get back into the action. The sun was blazing brightly as kit bags were dumped, rifles were locked and loaded and the boys headed to their respective vehicles or pushed out on foot, Ezy heading to the dull bronzed tank sitting there waiting for him. Donk's and Fun took to the vodniks, each trying to out do the other with the biggest wheel spins out of the parking lot, and Vyper and jax took off on foot towards the city preparing for the onslaught.

Round 1 [S2] as MEC

The plan had been setup before hand, with a few minor tweaks, and changing the squads around some as we had 2 replacements jump in, and then the countdown timer reached zero, it was on.
The 2 vodniks went off on the merry way splitting the map with donks heading off the humvee sent to our main from AFO. The other vodnik made it all the way aorund the back with fun's driving, landing the rest of the attack squad at AFO's main flag where they immeadiatley set about causing chaos, blowing up assets and capping the flag. Both sides had capped the flag closest to their main. AFO sent their intial push after being delayed by Donk's vodnik still around the open side towards construction, managing to get 4 guys onto the flag, and greying it, but good defensive work by jax, HRT Vyper and also oxi and shrike spawning back when needed helped wipe this out and recap the flag before the attack squad boys came under too much pressure. We now had 3 flags, with ezy in the tank supported by slaughter holding city and Vyper and jax with HRT holding construction as well as helping defend city, [S2] were looking like they were in a good spot. But this didn't deter AFO who launched attack after attack onto the beach flag desperately ewanting their main back, the blood was thick on the ground around the flag with numerous battles erupting in such a tight confined area. The attack squad were now working so hard to defend what they had rightly pinched from right under the enemy's noses. AFO threw everything at beachhead, including stealing the tank on numerous occasions from there, but it didn't help them as [S2] held on usuing anything and everything in their power to hold the flag. AFO also were still putting pressure on our main and city as well, on 2 or 3 occasions managing to get a squad on the flag, but with some well placed c4 and some good defensive work these threats were soon nullified. as the tickets and the bleed worked for [S2] AFO still kept going finally toewards the end of the map driving [S2] out of the beachhead. But while they pushed to beachhead and also a 3 man attack on construction sight, Donk's had snuck into village unnoticed and capped it when the rest of his squad arrived from beachhead. so [S2] still had the bleed and 3 flags. The battle around villag was going to get thick and heavy as practically the whole team from AFO rolled up determined to get off bleed. They rolled up and Then with some well placed artillery HRT cleaned out the flag area for the first time, and then they nearly capture village, did but with some very close spawns just before the flag went grey enabled [S2] to clear out the flag area and hold it again. With some fast kills on the dunes surrounding the village the round ended with [S2] still in possesion of 3 flags and a 78 - 0 round win.

Round 2 [S2] as USMC

After a very short break the action was ready to start again, with a few slight adjustments to our plan we once again headed into battle. However we weren't the only one who had been making adjustments. AFO came out with a very agressive rollout which saw their whole team rock up at Village, as the attack squad was driving nearby, they were diverted in and so was the defence squad. Those first few minutes around the village flag was something out of a nightmare, the air was just alive with bullets, grenades were going off every second and tank shells went screaming past crashing into bodies, friend and foe alike. But in that short space of time, AFO had done it, they had capped village and their commander had a leisurely stroll down and capped city all by himself. [S2] were in the same position that AFO had been in the first round with only one flag and on bleed. AFO kept the rpessure on pushing guys into the main with the whole [S2] team scarmbling in defence fending them off usuing anything and everything to hurl the AFO attackers out of the beachhead. AFO mamanged to get 3 troopers and their T90 tank in on the flag and it looked like a cap out was on the cards. While this was happening Vyper had jumped the sandbag wall and headed over to the right to deal with a pesky AT trooper who had been taking potshots in at anything that moved. after dealing with this problem Vyper saw the way clear and proceeded on foot drawing some pressure off main by diverting the AFO forces, and with JAx spawning in and tagging along for the run, managed to get all the way to city on foot. The emeny commander though was awake and had spotted this move and was waiting with his SVD gunning down vyper and also calling in support which was a blessing for the [S2] boys as the tank that wa son the flag at beach head pulled back allowing the defenders the chance to get in there and clean the flag zone out, Shrike and Donks doing the work with shotguns and C4. The clean out allowed [S2] a little bit of breathing space for a few seconds which they used to muster and try to push to village although this was cut down by the sheer weight of numbers that AFO had in and around village, although Donk's did manage to kamikaze the T90 with his humvee covered in C4 shouting out something that we cannont print on the front page. The fight did not let up for one second, AFO kept the pressure up but so did [S2], with the defenders off [S2] pushing out into the dunes and taking the combat to the attacking AFO forces. Donk's once again got behind the wheel of another humvee ( no C4 this time) and took it on a wild ride out along the far left ege of the map heading for AFO's construction site, and with Vyper in the passenger seat as a SL and they got to the flag it looked like [S2] might just claw their way back into the battle, and get off bleed for the first time in the round. AFO had other ideas with a squad spawning there and a tank backing them up. after a short battle they had wiped out the attack. But for some reason village had been left unguarded and Vyper and jax snuck in there and capped the flag back taking [S2] off bleed. AFO counter-attacked and successfully wiped out the [S2] defender except bishop who hung around there for a while taking out AFO troops and also slamming some AT rounds into the T90. once again locked into beachhead but not for long, as another break out was staged this time to city with oxy driving and vyper along for the ride in the vodnik down the right, this time the vodnik filled up with 4 troopers, and the city flag was empty but soon was in [S2] hands. Once again AFO counter attacked with arty and the tank, the tank was taken down, but at the same time out own beach head was left rather vulnerable as alot of [S2] troops spawned in at city. with a miscommunicatoin city was left practically undefended and was soon back in AFO's posession. 3 times were needed before we actually capured and held city and beach head taken [S2] off bleed. The probelm was the score, the bleed had done a massive amount of damage to [S2]. Not giving up the call went out, save every ticket you can and make those kills count. And thats what happened medic's went into over drive, climbing rooves, jumping walls dodging grenades to keep fellow troops alive and save tickets. HRT was very careful with his arty drops maximising the damage and minimising the Tk's with it. and for those last 2 or 3 minutes everything just went right medics made it with 1 second to spare, AT rounds hit home, HRT's arty drops wiped out groups of AFO troops. The kills wracked up and with a final ARTY drop, the [S2] lads breathed a sigh of relief, for although the bleed had done the damage and AFO had also attacked with such agression, the last arty drop and those last 2 or 3 minutes as the [S2] ticket count headed to zero were enough, to take the AFO tickets to 76. with AFO winning the round 76 - 0

Round 1 [S2] 78 AFO 0
Round 2 [S2] 0 AFO 76
Total [S2] 78 AFO 76

Well how do u descirbe that match. Breathtaking, heart stopping, total chaos and carnage, awesome, one not to miss out on, all of these things and many more. Big shout out to the lads from AFO that was some of the best, frantic, action packed battled i have been involved in. Was an awesome effort by you guys, i thought you nearly had us capped out in the 2nd round, and your rollout in the 2nd round wow talk about all out attack Smile, special mention to Atari Buda for making sure that the game got played with the server issues at the start, cheers mate. And to [S2] wow 2 tickets fellas thats a nail biter for sure. excellent work all round, the attack squad were fantactic - Donks, Fun, Bishop, Pasha and oxy, great effort.Ezy in the tank and slaughter supporting him indefence top job, and jax and HRT in defending the main and putting up with me, totally awesome effort.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 11:53 AM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

WOW.. breath taking alright !!

WD on the 2 ticket win Orange_Colorz_PDT_06

Excellent write up once again Vyper Orange_Colorz_PDT_11
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Joined: 09 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: 11:53 AM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

pls add demos vyper Razz nice write up
sorry for being absent everyone, really wnated to make this game. gg everyone, wd guys and hopefully see AFO again come finals time Orange_Colorz_PDT_05

11:53 is where the cool ppl are!
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PostPosted: 6:12 PM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

gg AFO, nice AT work on our tank in rnd 2, I never got to leave the beach.
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

Joined: 16 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: 6:16 PM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

wd fella's, sorry about the late bail.
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 6:26 PM, Wed 29 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

darulezy wrote:
gg AFO, nice AT work on our tank in rnd 2, I never got to leave the beach.

nice AT work on me I think you mean Orange_Colorz_PDT_14 got killed too many times by rockets that game
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