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PostPosted: 11:49 AM, Wed 01 Aug 2007    Post subject: SNN NEWS FLASH Reply with quote

Fighting has been springing up all over the globe with some very intense action taking place in the last 6 days, 5 major battles have been recorded and here is our coverage of these battles:

[S2] vs AEF 1st Commando on Dalian GS 10 v 10

This was going to be a good bash, the AEF are always up for a good fight. The 1st round (USMC) started poorly for us as our SL got the furthest spawn point possible from the DPV and even the Chinese tank beat him to reactor towers. AEF got the chopper but main entrance was in our hands and the AA took care of the chopper, we adjusted well and pushed on their main instead of reactors capping their main and locking AEF into reactors. with the AA the tank and 50'cals the first round was [S2]'s the 2nd round (PLA) started much the same with the AEF once again getting to the reactors before [S2] but this time we had a plan, being sneaky buggers that were we left Vyper hiding by their chopper pad, while the rest of the lads pushed in on the flag, the squad got wiped out, but Vyper stayed alive and jumped into the chopper before the AEF could, gunning down their squad there and stealing the chopper which we held for the rest of the match. Once again we had main entrance and it was a 2 flag stale mate, the chopper and our tank doing alot of damage, with the ground pounders providing good back up and flushing out attackers when the AEF made it to the flags. AEF overextended in an attack and with the chopper for support reactors was in [S2]'s hands and we then proceeded to lock down the 3 flags pinning the AEF back into their main. The 2nd round went to [S2], with the final score being 230 to nil over all for the game. Many thanks to the boys from AEF for the game, a lot of fun.

[S2] vs RAW on Kubra Dam GS 10 v 10

A Friday night game (what were they thinking) Against RAW who are known as decent infantry players. Round 1 (MEC) we got the vodnik up to the upper flag first and also got guys down to lower dam first as well and held onto the flags for the majority of the match. their commander in the first did some really nice arty drops wiping out defender at upper dam but almost always the [S2] boys respawned in time to clear out the flag zone with a vengeance. The lower dam boys were fighting marauding humvees and parachuting RAW troopers creeping along the sides of the dam. RAW managed an end run around to our main a few times, but with our commander TK'ing a few guys with his arty meant he had instant reinforcements. [S2] took the round 88 -0 the 2nd round (USMC) was pretty much the same, except the flags changed hands more times in this round. At one stage Raw mounted a few very successful attacks taking upper dam and then really hammering the USMC main hard making the [S2] boys fight tooth and nail to defend it. By the end of the round the upper dam flag and the lower were back in [S2]'s hands and raw were stuck in the MEC main. [S2] took the 2nd round 87 - nil, overall winning 175 - 0. A fantastic game with lots of intense fighting and moments where it could have gone either way, Big thanks to RAW for a great game.

[S2] vs A$$ on Dragon Valley GS 10 v 10

Sunday night saw the [S2] boys take to the Valley for another fight, this time against A$$. The 1st round as USMC went to plan in a crazy way; the chopper took down theirs and kept it down or shot it down for the rest of the round. The armour defended our main from the FAV runs, and Hill village was in [S2] hands seconds after the start of the match. A$$ held PowerStation and refinery, making it 2 flags each, but [S2] pushed a squad into the refinery and with the chopper providing support picking off the armour that was falling back to defend, the refinery was soon in [S2]'s hot little hands and this left A$$ with only PowerStation. The lockdown went into effect and rather quickly buggies and an APC pushed into the PowerStation flag, with the chopper's chain gun suppressing resistance around the flag zone as well the flag was soon greyed and capped by the [S2] soldiers. The last few remaining A$$ soldiers were hunted down to end the round in a cap-out 130 - 0 to [S2]. The 2nd round (PLA) started in a similar manner but A$$ had learnt from their 1st round and this round was more intense and a longer fight. Both sides capped the closest flags and it turned into a bloody stalemate with both sides pushing looking for the 3rd flag for the bleed. The air war was fast and furious with A$$ picking up the tactics [S2] used in the first round mounting the stingers and 50 cal's making it hard for the chopper from [S2]. The hill came under sustained attack from [S2] but this was driven off by some very nice defence by A$$ and helped by their chopper. [S2] lost PowerStation to a good assault from the A$$ buggies, and were on the back foot with the bleed on now as A$$ had 3 flags. But the [S2] counterattack recaptured PowerStation, and then towards the end of the game a hard push took hill village as well, leaving A$$ for the last few minutes in their main at Wood yard. The round going to [S2] 22 - 0, for a final score of 152 - 0 to [S2]. Well done all round in this game, a game of 2 halves. The first went [S2]'s way with everything going right. In the 2nd A$$ dug deep and fought superbly making it a great contest, thanks to A$$ for a really exciting match.

[S2] vs ARK/UOD on Dalian GA 16 v 16

Going from 10 v 10 to 16 v 16 was going to change the way we had to play this match and also the tactics. ARK/UOD were going to be tough opponents. 1st round (PLA) went reasonably well for the [S2] lads the air war was pretty even at the start with our choppers taking their's down. ARK had an unusual tactic of bailing out over our main going for a steal but the never managed to get it but it did take a few tickets off us in our main. On the ground the armour and infantry pushed and capped flags doing a good job at one stage [S2] had all four flags but with some poor defending let ARK back into it, allowing them to cap back South Docks and Maintenance Buildings, giving them a foot hold on land again. In the air it was still pretty even towards the end of the round, but the ground fighting picked up as ARK mounted numerous raids on Main entrance trying to cap that vital point from [S2], these attacks were driven off and [S2] finished the round 34-0. The 2nd round [S2] knew was going to be an uphill battle and that it was. The rollout for [S2] worked fine, capping the main entrance and reactors, but ARK counterattacked in a vicious style determined not to let [S2] get settled on the land. The Air traffic was pretty much all one way with ARK's chopper's and J10's doing alot of damage and preventing reinforcements form the US carrier making it into the battle for the [S2] boys. At one stage ARK succeeded in pushing [S2] back to the carrier but dogged determination managed to get a squad onto a flag, but ARK were swift in their counter attacks once again and with it almost impossible for the [S2] chopper and jets who were expertly camped on the carrier, the round was all ARK/UOD's way with them taking the round 82 - 0. The final score going ARK/UOD's way 82 - 34. A good match and a one which the [S2] boys will learn from remembering to lock down the flags, well played ARKUOD you certainly came out firing in that 2nd round.

[S2] vs Easy Company on OMAN derailed BF2 pro 10 v 10.

The 5th match in 6 days took the [S2] lads to the sands of Oman, but it was like nothing we had ever seen before, the map was totally changed being a custom map. And on the other side of the map was Easy Company. Round 1 (USMC) the rollout was to get the boys into the action. The attacks went in on construction and headquarters at the start, with headquarters in [S2]'s possession quickly and then construction after a good push from the infantry. EC fought back well recapping construction and they already had control of train wreck. The fighting became thick and fast and with good spotting [S2]'s armour pushed and capped train wreck putting EC on bleed and giving [S2] the bleed. For the rest of the round the train wreck seesawed coming under attack constantly from the EC armour although the infantry drove them off numerous times under murderous fire. The rest of the round was excellent defence of train wreck and headquarters by the [S2] soldiers digging in deep, with EC trying their best to remove them from the flags. The 1st round went to [S2] 56 - 0. The 2nd round (MEC) started with the same style of roll out knowing that it was going to be an all out attack. EC was thinking the same with both sides attacking construction, but [S2] coming out on top and capping the flag, while the [S2] armour squad with infantry support took train wreck and settled in from a long stay. EC pushed in with a full infantry squad and succeeded in capping train wreck but didn't hold it for long as [S2] counterattacked and retook the flag. The rest of the round was fierce infantry squad fights with lots of knife fights and paddles as well getting used, the train wreck squad hitting headquarters and going after the flag and nearly capping it before the end of the round. [S2] finishing the round 36 - 0. The final score 92 - 0 to [S2]
Wow what a fight on a map that [S2] has never been on. Thanks to EC for some of the best infantry fighting in the last few days and also for the way u guys pulled out the knives in the match and fought knife to knife. A lot of fun

Well thatís the current standings in the World War tonight. With a lot of bitter fighting in the last few days, there is now a lull on the battlefield as the sounds of gunfire die away, and the smoke clears.
This has been VyperAus for Sobr Network News.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 1:09 PM, Wed 01 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

awesome write up vyper awesome
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PostPosted: 4:45 PM, Wed 01 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

great write up vyps Orange_Colorz_PDT_06
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PostPosted: 5:34 PM, Wed 01 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Golf clap*
gj Vyp...
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PostPosted: 6:22 PM, Wed 01 Aug 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

WD Vyper.
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