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 [S2] vs AUS GA 16 v 16 Ladder Match
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PostPosted: 11:08 AM, Thu 26 Jul 2007    Post subject: [S2] vs AUS GA 16 v 16 Ladder Match Reply with quote

Well a holiday along the coast was what was promised by our illustrious leader, but what we got instead was guard duty. Defending an Island outpost against any incursions. At least the change of scenery and equipment was good for the boys. But the boring jobs didn't last too long as it seemed that our enemy had dispatched an attack force from their AUS division in order to get a foothold on the islands we were defending.

Round 1 [S2] as MEC
The roll out was pretty standard, get the jet and chopper up in the air and use all the vehicles and get prepared for the bails which we knew were coming. And come they did, the chopper had only just gotten up and over the stinger site, when the first bailer landed spawning a squad at communications centre, with a few of the boys spawning in to help defend the main and the chopper circling back providing suppresing fire this was driven off, the SU 34 had downed the F15, and the boys on the ground had also driven off attacks at control centre as well. The cobra from AUS made it within range and suddenly the Mi28 was a flaming ball of wreckage from a good shot from the cobra. This was the cue for the cobra to camp the pad at communications centre which it did quite well for a time until the use of the stinger site and the fav 50's cals drove it off. this was a repetetivew cycle for the whole round as our TV gunner was hvaing a nightmare of a time, and the cobra gunner had the range and vision nialed down to the last inch. mean while the majority of attacks from AUs were driven back into the sea until they managed to land a very nice attack at small airstrip finally capturing the flag and WHAM what seemed like their whol team spawned there. And thats where the action was for the last 5 to 10 minutes of the round furious battles around the buildings and hill tops and the flag at small airstrip. Soldiers were hosing bullets everywhere, 'nades were being thrown like they were going out of style, armour rolled up and then blew up, the F15 added bombs and missiles to the mix the mi 28 and cobra also got involved. It was just pure carnage around that flag. And then the round ended 57 - 0 to [S2] after the violent bloodletting around small airstrip.

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
The plan was set and after a short break for the usual suspects to replenish their nicotine and alcohol levels, it was game on. We knew we would have to press hard, AUS had shown how formidable they were and it was going to be a tough round with only 57 tickets to defend. And then the countdown reached 0, GAME ON!!!
Our Roll out was immeadiatley shattered with our bail SL getting the worse spawn on the US side and seeing as he was unfit it took him forever to run down to the jet, and by this time the AUS bomber had winged its way over and gunned him down on the airstrip before he even got to take off. This put a massive dent in the roll out, the cobra was out hunting and it was a short time before the jet respawned and could get up in the air again dodging the camping Bomber. The nightmare continued for our chopper boys as the swallowed a TV missile while just out of range of the Mi28. 2 APC's were sent to try and land from the water on control centre, which was a noble effort but with the AUS bomber up it made short work of the attack. We landed a SL behind communications centre and for a few minutes looked like we might have pulled off a cap of their main till the bomber and the mi28 cleared our squad out. While that was going on we managed to land a squad at control centre and cap it finally having a flag on the mainland but the bleed was hurting [S2] badly , as was the AUS Airforces. A quick change of gunners in the chopper saw some instant results with the MI28 going down to a nice shot by Cryptic who was piloting for the round but swapped seast with Vyper ( who couldn't hit a cow with a blunderbuss in the first round), taking the chopper in for some pad camping of its own. meanwhile AUS had got armour and guys onto control centre flag and had recapped it but after a good bomb run and the cobra providing some air cover, the flag was once again recapped by [S2]. [S2] started pushing hard as possible with SL and buggies racing around, and still ppl bailing from the jets trying to cap flags. But it was all in vain as the poor spawn at the roll out and the bleed had done all the damage and some good defensive work by AUS, especially their guys in the air had taken the round 89-0

Round 1 [S2] 57 AUS 0
Round 2 [S2] 0 AUS 89
Total [S2] 57 AUS 89

The score line doesn't reflect it but the game was a lot closer and was very intense. It showed what good spawns and poor spawns can do to you on this map. Great game by all involved. Thanks to AUS we can see why you guys were a top 8 team last season, looking forward to challenging you boys again. Good job by the usual suspects in [S2], nothing like a good close game to get the blood pumping, especially how close it was, which doesn't happen that often on cleansweep. SPECIAL NOTE to all the players who whipped out the paddles in the battle at the small airstrip in the first round, [S2] came out on that with 2 paddles to 1 ( unfortunatley it was the same AUS player who got paddled sorry A_Chic) was good to see the sportsmanship in those combats with the AUS soldiers replying in kind when they saw an [S2] guy running at them with paddles great to see guys.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy

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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 1:52 PM, Thu 26 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL.. Great write up yet again. Orange_Colorz_PDT_06

Man it was a close game.. so much action esp around that building on the flag at small air strip, yes where I had those hot paddles slapped on my arse Orange_Colorz_PDT_02

I must admit I was shocked by the paddle, I honestly thought it was a friendly.. & then bam, twice !! Good work there tho' Orange_Colorz_PDT_02

It was great playing against you guys... You are respected & we knew this game would'nt be easy. Thanks.
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