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 [S2] vs [PWNby]pwnographers
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PostPosted: 8:11 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: [S2] vs [PWNby]pwnographers Reply with quote

Location: Daqing Oilfields
Reason : [S2]'s Return to the GS 10 v 10 ladder
Opponents: Pwnographers.

Once again the lads from [S2] were making their way onto the battlefield, their boots dirty and uniforms mudstained from the battles in other fronts. Once again we were fighting in the 10v 10 format and returning to the Gamespace ladder where we had a lot of fun and success the last time we played. The battle would take place around the massive oil tanks and refinery structures at the daqing plant, an often sort after resource for both sides airforces and armour corps.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC

Starting as US gave us a speed advantage over the china side. Our roll out reflected this speed with everybody except the chopper boys getting a good spawn. the buggies and hummer pushed out supported by the tank while the cobra took off immeadiatly going head to head with the PWN Z10. A few seconds later the Z10 was a flaming wreck and with good work by the commander spotting the roll out from PWN, our DPV's pushed in and capped cisterns form under their noses. Once again cisterns was going to be a focal point with PWN pushing in FAV's and bongo vans, with their tank in support. the tank dissappeared in a ball of flame as it ate a TV missile, eliminating the support. THe PWN FAV spawned a squad just outside the fence of cisterns and they pushed in taking out our defence squad, and then sneaking into the flag zone under the cover of an ARTY strike. They were on the flag and had greyed it, but the response was swift by [S2], the cobra picking off a roaming PWN trooper, while the defence squad had respawned and supported by Clownius in the tank, soon the cisterns flag was once again waving the stars and stripes. PWN kept mounting attacks getting a squad leader up into the hills overlooking cisterns, and soon there was 6 troopers streaming in through the side of the fence heading to the flag. both sides utilised AT rockets. with the smoke trials criss crossing the compound surrounding the flag. After the smoke cleared and a quick visit by the cobra the flag was still safe. [S2] pushed out and set up defense in the hill tops to prevent the troops from sneaking in through the woods and this paid off, with the infantry and hummvee's intercepting the raiding FAV's from PWN's main. PWN mounted a good defence of their main, setting up buggies and the IGLA site to prevent the cobra from getting into range to cause havoc on the Pwn troopers streaming out of the main to try and cap one of the flags to get off the bleed. The tactic worked, managing to knock down the cobra once, and keep it dodging for a short time, allowing the PWN Z10 to get up in the air, but a short time later it was down, [S2] usuing the same tactic and usuing vehicle and tank 50 cal Mg's to take it down. Then on a roll [S2] started to raid the PWn main, Ezy and his squad taking DPV's to the PWN main creating chaos as they weaved in and out. The cobra added its own chaos by launching Tv missiles in from long range picking off buggies and the PWN tank. With the bleed in [S2]'s favour, the boys held the line, the hummers and DPV's scattered thru the hill tops making life hard on the PWN troopers, turning it into a long range stand off, then ezy managed a tank steal which the lads held onto, before pushing into the chinese main and doing some damage before going down under a barrage of Eryx's. The PWN commander also scored for his team with a great arty drop taking out the Cobra while it was repairing on the roof of the cisterns. a minute or so later it was all over, with the bleed and some good squad work defending the cisterns. the round had ended in [S2]'s favour 107 - 0

Round 2 [S2] as PLA
After a quick break and witching sides, the countdown began again. The rollout was the same, this time, PWN beating us and capping cisterns. The Z10 and the cobra were going head to head in the air, and neither chopper could hit the other ( much to the disgust of our gunner, and the chopper pilot, comments being heard along the lines of couldn't hit a city with a nuke) so much so that it required 2 reloads before either chopper went down, with the Z10 biting the dust. meanwhile PWN sent a DPV thru the trees and into our main but quick spotting by HRT and reactions by respawning chopper crew fought of the early danger in our main. Clown was engaged in a tank duel with the PWN Abrahms, winning the duel but coming under fire and then getting wiped out as he pushed in on cisterns to keep pressure on. We had the bleed against us but the side was cool and calm, igor and bishop were keeping the cobra busy letting the Z10 get up again ( bloody gunner couldn't hit a barn again with a mack truck, must have been something in his drink at half time), after the PWN M1A1 took down clown and pushed out of cisterns trying to take out the well positioned bongo vans, in a last ditch effort Vyper managed to hit something, sending a TV missile through the engine compartment of the M1, turning it into a blazing pyre. [S2] pushing buggies forward after fighting off a DPV that made it through to our main. Once the pieces were in position, we were set to make a push but PWN once again beat us to it, with a hummer and the tnak rolling out of cisterns and a DPV racing up the train tracks. The hummer went down under some sustained 50 cal fire which ripped it apart, the tank took a TV hit again ( before the Z10 went down again, that bloody Vyper having a shocker) and the lone PWN trooper from the DPV pushed into the flag zone after an artillery barrage, HRT was awake and came racing out of his hiding position taking him down under a withering blast of fire. Clown pushed the tank up into cisterns and kept the pedal down, knowing the tank would be rolling from the US main. The tanks met on the US side of cisterns, with the PLA tank going down, but templar had followed up in a FAV frmo our main and slammed and eryx home into the PWN tank taking it down as well. the counter attack was on now, with Ezy and his Squad pushing in to cisterns, taking down the defenders there and pushing on the flag, turning it grey and capping it before a squad from PWN arrived and attempted to retake it. Ezy bailed from the flag, letting the PWN squad on the flag as he took cover and waiting for the rest of his squad to respawn. HRT had a well timed arty drop to clean out the flag and leave only one PWN trooper alive, with his squad back to full strength, Ezy and co pushed in and took back cisterns. taking it just as PWN arty rained from the sky and the PWN take rolled up. Driving the tank off once again PWN pushed into cisterns getting a squad onto the flag and re-capping it. The tried to push out but the Z10 was back up and the gunner had pulled his finger out, with chain gun fire raking the ground picking off PWN troops and an FAV. while a DPV escaped but ran into a bongo van and the [S2] tank heading towards cisterns. Ezy being crafty, piled into a FAV with his squad and took off doing a flanking run and made it to the US main, getting on the flag. Templar, Bully, and Bluethunder who spawned in late did well getting the flag greyed and then starting the rise of the chinese flag slowly up the pole. PWN repsonded to this sennding in the cobra which started spraying gunfire all over the flag zone. Ezy ddi well usuing his medic skills to keep the squad alive until he was hit by a storm of rockets on the flag attempting to revive bully. the chopper wiped the whole squad out except for bluethunder, while it was repositioning for an attack on blue he got hit by PWN artillery, sending his body many feet into the air. And at the same time as his body was on the way back down to earth, so was the cobra, hit by a TV missile ( Vyper taking his time and making sure of the shot) and the Z10 moved into position to cover the Us main flag which was still halfway up as chinese, knowing that PWN had to be sending guys from cisterns to re cap it. And they sent a squad in hard, usuing a hummer and DPV, but they were a fraction too slow. The Z10 was in the perfect position, the TV missile and chain gun decimating the squad, just in time for Ezy Temp and bully to rock up and cap the flag, leaving [S2] with both main flags and PWN with the Cisterns flag. PWN sent troops on the ground towards the old city flag, the Z10 went racing back catching the troops just before cover, the chain gun mowing down several but missing the SL who had managed to sneak into cover while his team mates distracted the chopper. This squad respawned and the fight was on for young and old around the old city flag, the Z10 providing suppressing fire but PWN to their credit kept trying and got 2 very nice sraw shots on it to take it down. HRT jumping on a mounted machine gun to take down several PWN troops. The fight was on and PWN troops managed to clean out the first wave of [S2] defneders but HRT held on long enough and the reinforcements arrived in respawning defenders, Pwn had other ideas and while keeping the defenders busy pinched the tank and the chopper, althoguh the chopper left smoking badly. meanwhile though the Cisterns had been capped by Ezy's squad pushing out of the US main catching PWN unaware. So the chopper and the tank had no flags or re-inforcements. The chopper went to the Us main at refinery and was soon down under Eryx and FAv 50 cal fire from Bully and Clown. and then the tank drove right through cisterns and ended up at the refinery as well going down to the mighty Bullant who had perched himself up high with his eryx. With that the round ended in a cap out score being 80 -0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 107 PWN 0
Round 2 [S2] 80 PWN 0
Total [S2] 187 PWN 0

Helloooooo Gamespace WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!! This was just the start we were looking for. A good game by both sides. Thanks to PWN for the game, some nice squad work by you guys really had us pushed to the limit at times, nice work by the guys with sraws and the commanders ARty shot too. And to the [S2] lads, what can i say, the team work was great, the squads did what they had to, followed orders and used initiative when needed. the tactics and rollouts worked. Good job clown and all the ground pounders you guys won the match, as to the chopper, well cryptic you had a good night flying, the chopper in the 2nd round was pretty awful at the start but finally pulled the finger out. Nice work all round and the best was the team work. looking forward to the next match.

Don't forget fellas this is a game and we don't want to let down the Sobr image and look like bad sports when we win, other than that keep up the good work.


TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy

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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 8:27 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

I gather you went over the Battlerecorder for that one, I only got to see a sixth of that action. GG all, let's keep up the action at GS, GA is way too slow getting matches, and even then we seem to be gettin no-shows.

I think that was our 50th GS match now, not including finals, so happy anniversary. (If it wasn't, it's still a good enough reason for a drink)
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PostPosted: 8:27 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked nice story.
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PostPosted: 8:28 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

at a loss for an explanation as to why one of our guys made a post-game comment in that fashion but gamespace is about fun and hopefully thats kept in mind...
good game everyone and nice write vyper lol they always gettin longer
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PostPosted: 8:44 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

ask and I will tell, but I think you all ready know the answer.
Or otherwise we will leave it that,no more said.
I made a mistake and I apologised to their clan.
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Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 8:55 PM, Mon 16 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

im sorry to say this vyper but i am running short of complements becuase each write up seems better than the last.
keep up the good work PDT_Armataz_09
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