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 [S2] vs MERC GA 16 v 16 ladder
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PostPosted: 5:47 PM, Mon 02 Jul 2007    Post subject: [S2] vs MERC GA 16 v 16 ladder Reply with quote

The APC's and FAV's pulled up in a street of long since abandoned houses and shops. The area had recently been turned into a forward operating base. As the boys jumped out of the vehicles, to stretch their legs and have a look around at the new base, a damp fog rolled in, coating the valley in a veil of mist. "Well Boys, looks like HQ has set us for the next few weeks so get comfortable." Our illustrious leader Frtizo informed us. Groans greeted this announcenment, instead of a holiday on the beach we had been chucked back into the lines, up on a fog cloaked mountainside of Songhua . "Oh and HQ also wants to let us know there have been reports of Mercenaries in this area and they want us to make sure that there is none around here." What ever is said about Fritzo, you can always say he leaves the best, well in this case the worst bit of news till last. So the boys kicked back until HRT called out "Sat scan online and coming through. We got Company!!!!" And we knew that the fog cloaked valley was going to be a dangerous place in a short time.

Round 1 [S2] as PLA
[S2] Rolled out, sending squads for North Island, and sending the chopper airborne. MERC had the same ideas in and a short time [S2] had capped North Island, while MERC had capped south. The [S2] chopper dropped a small attack squad on west perimeter and continued on heading up to fish factory, while the PLA main came under attack from the MERC chopper and attack squad, with [S2] defenders rushing back to main to fight off the attack. MERC pushed an armoured column from south island to north idsland as well as dispatching troops to try and take back their main and also west perimeter from the chopper squads that had been inserted by parachute and capped them. West perimeter fell back into MERC hands after 2 apcs rolled in from south island, the attack on north island being driven off. Fish factory was held longer and was a viscious firefight with [S2] squads employing any method possible to defend the flag, C4 AT and mines were all in use to hold the flag for as long as possible form MERC hands. Meanwhile The PLA main had fallen into the MERC hands, with their assault being to strong for the defenders there. The tickets were pretty even with the flags the same as the various flags swapped hands but with both sides holding onto at least 2 flags at all times. MERC mounted some very nice attacks and captured back their main and then north island as well, but swift counter attacks from central front by the [S2] calvary squad riding in cheap chinese junk APC's and FAV's soon paved the way as flag after flag fell under the onslaught. The [S2] troops then dug in as well securing the flags and pretty soon MERC was on bleed as [S2] had capped all of the flags bar the chinese main. And thats the way the round finished with the score at 77 - 0 to [S2]

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
The first round was a serious scrambling firefight, with both sides attacking and no quarter given. The second round promised to be the same. The rollouts were again similar this time, with North island falling to the MERC and south island to [S2]. Once again both sides had the choppers up and were using them to paradrop squads onto the back flags. The [S2] chopper squad pushed onto the enemy main, meeting heavy resistance as the smaller squad snuck in unopposed to the central front flag and capped it. The atatck on the chinese main was driven off. The Fish factory was under a determined attack from MERC as well as west perimeter. After a series of well thought out attacks and pushes from MERC, [S2] found themselves pushed back inot only the south island and then north island flags. But the reponse was a series of bloody skimishes resulting in flags changing hands, and a squad sneaking around the back of central front and recapping it for [S2] just as a squad of [S2] boys dropped from their chutes and hit the ground. The flags were still changing hands, and with north island now in MERC hands. Central front was criss crossed constantly with bullets, and smoke trails from aT rockets, as well as a smattering of hand grandes and shot gun sheels for good measure with several atatcks made by MER being driven off before an overwhelming armour push drove [S2] from the point, but not before the gap had been exploited with north island and west perimeter being taken while all the MERC forces concentrated on central front. But once again the battle grew in intensity as [S2] staged several commando raids on the central front as well as the PLA. while a full squad hit fish factory and recapped it. The round drawing to a close with both sides in control of a number of flags. The score ending up 21- 0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 77 MERC 0
Round 2 [S2] 21 MERC 0
Total [S2] 98 MERC 0

As the echoes of battled faded away, the songhua valley was still wreathed in fog, but that fog had a blacker tinge to it and smelt of oil flesh and molten metal.
Thanks to the boys from MERC for a great game, Both sides fought hammer and tongs. Attack and counter attack. A fast and action pack game where there was always something going on. Good luck to MERC and see u in the future boys. To the usual suspects, a great effort in such an intense match, best overall was the co-ordination and the calmness while attacking and defending. the intel was great as well. Lets keep this up.

P.S Yes i know its late sorry about that

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 5:51 PM, Mon 02 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

PDT_Armataz_09 PDT_Armataz_07 very cool Orange_Colorz_PDT_11

Awesome job vyper

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PostPosted: 6:38 PM, Mon 02 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Orange_Colorz_PDT_10 You should be writing books vyper, cuase thats good stuff.
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PostPosted: 8:22 PM, Mon 02 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

was a good game, thanks MERC, nice writeup viper
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PostPosted: 6:45 AM, Fri 06 Jul 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice one fellas. Orange_Colorz_PDT_06
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