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 Organising games
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 5:12 PM, Sat 16 Jun 2007    Post subject: Organising games Reply with quote

Ideally, any organisation of game sessions for any particular game (that doesn't have any relation to the clan, of course) should take place via PM, MSN, Xfire, TS, and whatever else that doesn't turn legitimate forum threads into 17 pages of one-sentence posts.

However, I'm aware that people aren't always available on the above mentioned mediums, and the forums are awfully convenient. So I'm willing to compromise.

Do not attempt to organise games in the main game thread. Instead, post a topic in the relevant sub-forum (for example if the game being organised is CoH, the thread would go in the RTS forum, and if it were F.E.A.R it belongs in the FPS forum) using a thread title that includes the name of the game and the time to be organised. Anyone who is interested can then post in there, and further communication can take place via MSN/TS/Xfire/etc.

Upon completion of the game, feel free to spam the thread as much as you want, because it's going to get deleted shortly thereafter. Remember, this is an alternative to using more private methods, and your post count doesn't go up in Xfire either.

In no way is this endorsed by the Dictators, but I'm hoping they don't have a problem with me making up little rules like this if it makes things more efficient (which I'm hoping this does).

So, to summarise:
- If you can't organise a game via private methods, post a thread in the relevant forum with an appropriate title.

- When the thread is no longer needed, just make HRT or I aware of it with a post in the thread/PM/whatever that let's us know when to delete it.

This has been a public service announcement by your friendly neighbourhood Pasha.
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