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 GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs 9th Rangers part 2: the rematch
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PostPosted: 4:47 PM, Fri 23 Mar 2007    Post subject: GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs 9th Rangers part 2: the rematch Reply with quote

The gauntlet had been thrown down. After beating Ubik in our last outing, our illustrious captain Simpsons Donkey had decided that it was time for a rematch with the 9th rangers, after losing to them narrowly on kubra dam. As with every rematch the boys were getting pumped up, and with donks leading with some inspirational prematch pep talk, we were ready for a massive battle, and the 9th were willing to oblige us. The map was daqing oilfields, a notorius map for the carnage around the cisterns. So at the end would it be the 9th rangers again in a close one, or will the boys from [S2] pull a win out of the blood soaked ground of oilfields. Just to add a little bit more flavour to the rematch, MomoWang and STER droppped in to add their views on the match with a shoutcast which added some more adrenaline to both sides.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
As we had challenged we kicked off the first round as USMC. For the most part we got decent spawns for our SL's, with Shrike taking the dpv to cisterns, clown jumping in the tank and pushing forward and Donks in the other DPV heading around the side of cisterns. Fun meanwhile as the chopper pilot got the worst spawn point ever and couldn't have spawned further away unless he was on the other team. Finally the chopper got up, and went head to head with the chinese Z10, and suddenly both choppers went down in a spectacular double kill right at the start with a great shot by the 9th gunner to hit Fun as he was rolling. The Shrike strike squad came head to head with a buggy from the chinese but that was quickly dealt with, and with the rest of his squad spawning in, capping the flag with clown pushing up in support. Meanwhile somehow 9th rangers had snuck around the side escaping the scans of commander HRT and got a squad into our main. the call went out and with the chopper having gone down Fun and Vyper swung into defence along with Donk's, Cryptic and Clown bringing the tank back to clear the flag out. With the main cleaned out the call went out to defend cisterns again as the hills above were starting to crawl with 9th troopers. Fun took off managing to TK Vyper in the rush to get off the ground as the Z10 came over the horizon, with rockets firing they went head to head, Vyper spawned in and the fight was on, Fun hit with a good slavo of rockets and then HRT got in the act with the stinger nailing the Z10 right in the butt taking it down. The action around cisterns was heating up, with Shrike and the boys defending like demons taking down the contant attacks keeping the flag in [S2]'s hands. 9th did mount some good attacks on cisterns and once again managed to get a SL into our main, but he picked to hide in the tunnel of the building, and with our chopper at the base, Fun positioned the chopepr to let Vyper turn the corridor into a deathtrap, hundres of bullets shredding anything in the corridor. while this was going on, 9th pushed for cisterns again mounting a good attack but Shrike and his squad held on till reinforcements arrived. The call went out for the lockdown with Clownius on overwatch in the tank and the cobra chasing down the marauding 9th rangers buggies as well as keeping their chopper down. Cryptic and Donks then snuck a buggy run into the chinese main, and set up camp on the hill behind the chopper pad, waiting for the chopper to respawn after Vyper had taken it down yet again. Fun brought the cobra in for cover and with the chain gun blazing set up a barrage of cover fire as well as the fire added by cryptic and donk's own weapons allowing them to steal the Z10, with the cobra eating a sraw and then a pair of IGLA's and going down in order to cover the retreat of the valuable stolen asset.
9th were still hassling with their buggy runs, but with 2 choppers flying cover they were soon cut down and so was the enemy tank. With 2 flags and the bleed the round soon ended with the score 120 - 0 to [S2]

Round 2 [S2] as China
After an impressive 1st round, Donks didn't want to let up and we kept it simple again. Fun once again got a shocking spawn but this time so did the chopper pilot from 9th rangers. The rest of the guys took off heading for cisterns. But 9th had the advantage and got to the citerns early and managed to nullify our attack on cisterns, not only that but theor roll out surprised us, with their buggies just continuing on to our main in an effort to cap our main as well fast and hard in the first 2 minutes of the game. Our chopper went down to a good solo effort from the 9th rangers chopper and once again Fun and Vyper were called in to support the defence of our main on foot, with Cyptic and Donks their as well. HRT led the charge his G36 rating a mention on the shoutcast as he started to clean the 9th rangers players away from the flag. But the [S2] defences held firm killing 2 waves of attacks in our main as there was a sneaky SL hiding. Meanwhile Scooby and his squad of Ezy, Igor and BlueThunder kept on their job and while everybody else was defending main they snuck thru to oil cisterns and managed to cap it, taking us off the bleed. Finally the Chinese main was cleared and once again the [S2] chopper took to the skies, to be confronted head to head with the Cobra, however this time it was the cobra that went down in a smoking pile of wreckage. 9th had pushed on cisterns and the boys defending it did well to hold it until the 9th tank pushed in and finished off the rest of our squad, leaving the tank attempting to cap the flag, 1 Tv missile how ever ensured that the flag remain neutral and the race was on. The action was going to be around the oil cisterns for the majority of the match with the flag swapping sides quiet a few times. Buggies from both sides raced in while it was grey and a furious firefight broke out, with [S2] coming out the victors with the Z10 in suport clearing the entrances of 9th rangers troopers. Once again as well as pushing on cisterns 9th kept the buggy runs up pushing on the chinese main, managing to take the Z10 down after it had taken a SRAW to the side, a sneaky buggy parked up around the side near the train tracks shot down the chopper as it was heading in to repair. These attacks were shortlived with Clownius dropping back in the tank providing the broom to sweep the attackers from our main and then on his way out picking off another buggy. A double buggy run around the gas station side of the map was heading in towards our choper pad possibly looking for the steal but Cryptic and Donks were making a run from cistern to the US main performed a hand break turn and chased both buggies down leaving their smoking chasis' on the side of the dirt road riddled with .50 cal bullets from Cryptic's gun. But in the flag swapping we had lost cisterns again and now were facing the bleed which had 9th in the lead. Suddenely our great squad work looked like it was starting to go downhill , the squads were just spawning randomly and not wiht any thought. Donks soon fixed this after Himk and Clownius blasted across teamspeak and gave the boys a verbal uppercut. The squads formed up properly, both squad 1 and 3 pushed in towards cisterns with Clown pushing in with the tank supporting the infantry. Finally after being on bleed for a while with a co ordinated assault with the Z10 ploughing a path and the tank as well. and then again as Clownius dropped back into the defending position between our main and cisterns, the buggies came in again and once again blood was split around the cisterns flag and was capped back by 9th and we hit it hard again with the chopper this time coming in low setting up an orbit and pouring fire in all over the cisterns. The squads pushed in and we capped it back again. Cisterns proved to be an absolute cauldron, with neither team able to hold it long. But finally after an excellent push we had the cisterns secured and our squads started to lock it down. the Z10 was keeping the cobra grounded. Donks and Cryptic went for the chopper steal failing on the first attempt and on the 2nd attempt cryptic was successful but this time, with the Z10 in support the push was on for the USMC main. Donks continuing on in the buggy, stealing the US tank and with ezy and scooby and a buggy from cisterns in support and the Z10 sweeping the ground for spawners soon the US main was greyed and then finally it was a hunt for one last guy. He was found hiding right next to the sandbags of the flag, and suitably finished off by Vyper in the chopper. The round ended up being 82 to 0

Round 1 [S2] 120 9th Rangers 0
Round 2 [S2] 80 9th Rangers 0
Total [S2] 202 9th Rangers 0

Now thats what i call a rematch. The score doesn't show how intense the match was. Big shout out to the Boys from 9th rangers for accepting the rematch, you guys are great sports. The knife fight at the start was awesome. Great roll outs in both rounds and a very sneaky squad leader in the 1st round to get on our main and grey it, and the same with the attack on our main in the 2nd right ata the start. Good luck with the rest of the season and i somehow get the feeling that you guys might challenge us back again ( best of 3 was mentioned after the game lol)
To the [S2] Lads, well done boys great team work and we kept our head especially in the 2nd round, when we got pushed onto the back foot right at the start. All round superb effort put in by everyone.
Lastly To the Guys from the Gamestah, many thanks for the shoutcast. Great to have u boys along to cast the match, we know it was a busy night for you guys. To STER, try not to get too excited by that TV missile shot, sounded like you enjoyed it way to much, and Momo once again a sterling effort and i haven't been arrested as yet ( rapist indeed lol Razz )


TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 5:19 PM, Fri 23 Mar 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

you must spell-check now huh? Razz they always getting bigger but always a good read, nice work vyps
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