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 Round 2 of the GS final series [S2] v AVA
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PostPosted: 12:09 PM, Mon 27 Nov 2006    Post subject: Round 2 of the GS final series [S2] v AVA Reply with quote

Round 2 of the Gamespace final series a do or die match for both sides. To make matters better we were coming up against our nemisis for this comp in the boys from AVA. We played AVA a couple of time through out the season and they managed to beat us in all of those encounters, so what better way to put a win up on the board than in the final series.
The map chosen was Fushe pass, a map at which we have had remarkable success on recently. The plans were made, battle lines were draw up, rifles cleaned and load and it was on.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
Our roll out started off slow, with our buggy SL starting a mile away from his intended vehicle. AVA launched a 2 pronged buggy raid towards our main while their armour was on overwatch. for a short while we were pinned into our main, keeping it safe from numerous attacks ( they had pesky SL everywhere) good defence work by the armour boys supported by Fritzo Clown and Vyper.
Finally we got island after AVA had capped it earlier, taking us off bleed and enabling us to whittle down the gap. We then proceed to try and hold both flags while taking and saving as many tickets as we could to allow the bleed to narrow the gap. Some intense fighting follwed with numerous pushes from the AVA armour towards island supported at the same time by their buggy squads. Our DPV managed to push around the back of the AVA main and we succeeded in capping their main and stealing their armour. Only to realise that we had just lost island and when the UAV went up we saw how serious the situation was, seeing a huge mass of red dots heading uphill towards our main, and with our armour and troops out of position we new it was going to be a desperate fight for us, and with AVA holding only one flag they would be pushing hard.
with swarms of AT in support of their push AVA took down our armour and the few boys at main fought valiantly against overwhelming odds, but to no avail, AVA capped our main and we were back on bleed again.
Some viscious fighting was occuring now and AVA had locked down island and with more buggies and the captured armour they pushed to their former main and after a few tense minutes and some very nice squad work by them they succeeded in capping their main back and then taking down the remaining [S2] boys for the cap out win. what an intense round it could have gone either way. 47 - 0 to AVA

Round 2 [S2] PLA
The roll out this round was better with the amrour setting up defensive positions hoping to cover the incoming buggies from AVA which had been picked up on the scan. our buggy meanwhile had snuck around the back of their main dropping the assault squad who narrowly missed stealing their APC. the assault squad continued to keep the AVA armour around their main trying to hunt them down, while both sides for some reason left island alone for a period of time before AVA capped it and then [S2] took it off them. the rest of the round was hard fighting, and AVA finally pushed us out of the island after a long and bitter fight to hold it. and then they kept us contained in our main, with some very good containing tactics like a buggy squad of 3 AT guys on the ride above the PLA main, causing all sorts of problems for our armour not allowing them to go on the attack. With defences to hard to crack the round ended up going to AVA 74 - 0

Round 1 [S2] 0 AVA 47
Round 2 [S2] 0 AVA 74
Overall score [S2] 0 AVA 121

What a match. The score doesn't show how fierce and close the battles were especially the first round. Congrats to AVA you have been a tough team all season and once again came out on top. Well done to the [S2] lads it was a fantastic match and great squad work by both sides, with AVA just beating us in the department.

Well we finished the season on top of the ladder and came up against 2 very hard teams in the final series being plus and AVA. Congrat to all the lads for the effort put into the seasomn and fo the fine performances and sportsmanship showed in all the matches ( all the knife fights before and after the game were always a big part of every match for us) And a massive vote of thanks to Clown for being stupid enough to stick up his hand and volunteer to be captain, alot of hard work went into the season mate and you deserve alot of thanks for it.
The end of our 2nd ladder and what a great performance by all. Can't wait for the next one to begin.

See you on the battlefields comrades

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PostPosted: 3:44 PM, Mon 27 Nov 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done AvA, great game!
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