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 [S2] V RAW : The last GS battle before the finals
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PostPosted: 11:34 PM, Thu 16 Nov 2006    Post subject: [S2] V RAW : The last GS battle before the finals Reply with quote

The fight was on the last match of the comp before finals, and we were off to the Road to Jalabaad to meet RAW who had beaten us in our last match against them, the prize, to finish the comp as number 1 before the finals. And so it began

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
With a good roll out, we soon had hotel under control and RAW had taken market. The streets of jalabaad were slick with blood as the match turned into bitter hand to hand street fighting with grenades and the crack of assault rifles going off all over the place. Both teams gathered their forces and made numerous pushes on flags supportred by artillery drops. Jihad buggies were zooming in and out of the narrow streets making life difficult for the RAW armour. Finally towards the end of the round RAW succeeded in capping hotel while we took market, the flags then swapped hands and it was back to the bitter infantry battles, with excellent medic work we conserved tickets and held on for a close 18 -0 win in an epic battle.

Round 2 [S2] as MEC
The sound of engines flooded the mosque as [S2] poured out ready to do battle once more. Market was a flash point as Raw send a full DPv there right away to meet up with the advancing squad from [S2] after some good infantry work and a nice bit of C4, the market was capped by [S2]. The rest of the match was hard fought infantry with both sides attacking hard. RAW pushing for the win with [S2] determined not to let go. With a good attack on the US main [S2] managed to steal their tank and with this major asset in our possesion, it made the job for RAW that much harder. RAW mounted some very good attacks on the Market but the defenses were too tough to crack even when they managed to get a SL near the flag, the defense held firm and cleaned out the trouble with a liberal showering of grenades. The rest of the round was hard fought skirmishes, with [S2] securing the win 53 - 0

Round 1 [S2] 18 -0 to [S2]
Round 2 [S2] 53 -0 to [S2]

A 71 - 0 win to [S2]

WOW what a match, this one made us work hard for the win. Thanks to RAW for a great match. To the Lads, well done, excellent squad work through out the match and we finish No 1 on the ladder.

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PostPosted: 10:59 AM, Fri 17 Nov 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

gg raw that was a very tough match.

well done to our guys, we had a very minimal problem with rambo's for this match (although it still happened unfortunately), the defenders at market did a fantastic job, those skirmishes in the middle of the map could have gone either way at times but we held ourselves together, and the steal all but secured the 2nd round for us, good work.
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