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 S2 Vs RAAF [196-0 Win to S2]
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PostPosted: 10:50 PM, Tue 03 Oct 2006    Post subject: S2 Vs RAAF [196-0 Win to S2] Reply with quote

Mashtuur City, 16 on 16, with S2 up first as US. The first round was a major scramble fest with the flags changing hands too often to record. RAAF took hold of the mosque early and our fellas concentrated on capturing the rest. Once the surrounding flags were locked down, we closed in on the mosque, capping out the round 112-0 our way.

Round 2 as MEC, our lads quickly seized the west half of the map before moving heavily against the eastern flags. We managed to hold the majority and were on the verge of forcing our way through for another cap out, but a barked order from Fritz and Donks saw us desert our flags and run, fly, drive, crawl or drag ourselves to the mosque for a sweet round-ending photo snap. The round ended 84-0 our way.

With the brilliantly orchestrated photo-op, someone (aka Donks) failed to mention which side of the mosque we needed to be on! No one appeared in the photo.

Final scores on map: Mashtuur City

S2 as US: 112-0 [A win to S2]
S2 as MEC: 84-0 [A win to S2]

Well played RAAF, we look forward to playing with you again!

gg all. ar1es out.
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PostPosted: 8:40 AM, Wed 04 Oct 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

lmao u nubs , ruined the photo.... good effort boyz ,well done all who played ... Mr. Green Mr. Green
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