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 Arma2 Zombie mod
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 12:07 PM, Fri 10 May 2013    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, that's it. No more for me. It has annoyed me the last time. Get some gear, the most I have ever found and some asssshole shots me as I come out of a building. PDT_Armataz_19
What a stupid game that allows people to just shot others when they are just trying to survive from the zombies. Should be an team kill think that bans people that do it.
I'm over it, not playing it anymore and that's a shame as with just the zombies and the thought of finding better stuff, it was ok.
I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal Lobotomy

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PostPosted: 5:16 PM, Fri 10 May 2013    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've heard there are servers with no pvp allowd man , just people finding and helping each other out n stuff , i havnt looked myself so couldnt tell you but there would be a couple i'd gather..

I know how you feel though , it's frustrating as hell getting ganked when you find some stuff.

Having to sneak around and avoid other players was kind of a draw for me , but it's got to the point where pretty much everyone will just kill you for the hell of it , it wasnt that bad awhile ago but too many idiots play now..

It still is fun when you team up with people , i just havnt played it in awhile dude...

It is part of the game now though , people can be avoided , its just hard to raid buildings n stuff for gear unless you really know the game and where everything is and how to tell if anybody else is around... especially with a full server.

If you want to just run around getting gear , killing zombies n stuff better to find a low player or empty server ( without hackers) ..

If you see me on vent though n want to give it a go , hit me up , i play gw2 mainly now but ill happily jump in with you.
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