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 The end of the 16 v 16 season [S2] vs 3FSJ
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PostPosted: 2:59 PM, Tue 22 Jan 2008    Post subject: The end of the 16 v 16 season [S2] vs 3FSJ Reply with quote

News Flash!!!!!!!!!!!
The War is over........ Generals and national leaders around the World are holding their breath in anticipation of the Armistice and ceasefire that was signed in Stockholm earlier today. There is still plenty of action going on around in several areas with skirmishes being reported as commander use the last few hours to secure or expand territory before they pack up and go home. The fiercest fighting is expected on the coast, as an American Carrier carrying [S2] troops was moved into strike range last night to attempt to take and hold a beach head around the ATOM HQ site, which has recently been taken over by a company sized element of the 3FSJ troops who have a somewhat mercenary streak, looking to turn the HQ into a fully blown money spinner with the Armistice signed, they moved in and are holding the territory, with apparently plans for a Casino on the beachfront there. US forces are being sent in to secure the area and return it to the wilderness it was with a good dose of 500 pound bombs and tank treads.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC
The US forces kicked into gear as their commander ordered them into the battle. The carrier launching an F35 and Cobra to support the vehicle coloumn that rolled out of the beach camp flag towards Camp Alpha and Beta the 2 neutral flags. 3FSJ weren't idle either, grabbing their armour and grouping it on the lower level of the raised industrial area that marked the start of Atom, including some nice shots of their tanks jumping off the edge of the upper area to get down and into the fighting, but some slow spawns meant that the couldn't get troops down into Alpha and Beta before the [S2] strike columns rocked up, capping the flags and a massive fight around Camp Beta both sides throwing lines of infantry and armour, Airstrikes and Tv missiles were coming down on Beta and its surropunding areas as well. With the 2 camps secured and the Additional armour being put into use by the [S2] forces, it turned into a long distance shoot out. Both sides ducking and weaving and dodging tank shells and TOW missiles. The Jets were casuing havoc, chasing each other, levelling armour and infantry with cannons and 500pounders. While the choppers were engaged in a death duel on numerous occasions, but with luck on both sides as some poor rego played a part but the [S2] chopper held the upper hand slightly for the round. The numerous armour became chopper fodder for both sides as well as arty targets. Finally having enough of being stuck and also being bled, 3FSJ started trying to break out, sending cars and armour pushes out of the level 1 area. At first these were nullified, but slowly 3fsj were forcing the [S2] defenders out of position and finally were able to capitalise and cap Camp Beta getting off the bleed. Then the Fight just got so much more down and dirty, 3FSJ started employing jihaads, while [S2] responded with multiple SRAWS and also the Cobra making some viscious passes leaving smoking wrecks and bodies in ruins after its pass. But every so slowly 3FSJ continued the squeeze and the pressure managing to get cars to the beach camp on several occasions only for them to be mopped up at one stage having the flag almost capped before the chopper and a linebacker came in and cleared them out. But after a diversion with an armour push caught [S2] looking the wrong way as 3FSJ snuck around the back but this time with a full squad and capped the beach camp, then pushing in and putting the defenders under so much pressure until the defences at Camp Alpha collapsed and allowed 3FSJ to cap that flag as well, putting [S2] on the Bleed now. [S2]'s commander was on the job and even as Alpha was going down, The Airfield Entrace was being capped by the [S2] paratroop squad deployed fresh from the carrier. From their the paratroops moved onto the Airfield flag and secured that and soon the fighting was all around the airfield as 3FSJ strived to finally drive the [S2] strike forces back to their carrier. But this was not to be as the Airfield stayed in the hands of [S2] as the round ended in an absolute narrow margin of 7-0 in favour of the 3FSJ defenders.

Round 2 [S2] as PLA
Seeing what we had achieved in the 1st round against such a formidable opponent the [S2] troops had the adrenaline pumping. 3FSJ were feeling the same way after the clawed back a massive lead in tickets to come out victors in the first round. Both teams put the pedals down on the roll out with the sneaky tactics of [S2] maanging to get to camp Beta just ahead of the 3FSJ troops and secured that flag thus denying the 3FSJ troops of an easy early bleed against [S2]. But 3FSJ had obviously scrimmed and studied the map well, their commander usuing the F35 as a transport and the pilot bailing out on the rooftop HQ flag, the middle flag high on the mountain at ATOM in the Heart of the chinese defences. The pilot SL nailed the bail perfectly landing right next to the flag. There was only one problem, the empty F35 had been seen by the chopper gunner and the chopper was heading towards the HQ flag. The 3FSJ squad started spawning in, only to be met by an absolute hail of bullets as the chopper opened up with everything it had, the pilot also salvo firing the rockets into the building. the flag was still in Chinese hands as the 3FSJ SL raced off to find a safe spot away from the bl;azing hell of the Z10's miniguns, as [S2] brought in ground troops to help secure the area. 3FSJ also bought reinforcements up, the cobra climbing up over the hill top and blowing the Z10 out of the sky before it was spotted. The Cobra didn't last long either though a PGZ 95 AA vehicle down below adding its fire to the battle turning the Cobra into swiss cheese after a long burst of fire from its 4 cannons. Once again the Z10 came charging in as the flag was greyed and mowed down the 3FSJ squad again, the pesky little SL still managing to run and hide again and survive the cauldron of fire on the upper levels, and then 3FSJ made what would be the play of the match for them, sending their F35 pilot on a kamikaze mission to wipe out the Z10 after it had blown the cobra out of the sky before it could get back to the HQ flag area. And the commander from 3FSJ would have been holding his breath, but it worked the Pilot of the F35 rode his guided missile all the way into the Z10's Fueslage and turned both aircraft into a massive fireball. With that The squad from 3FSJ spawned in with impunity and capped the flag in the heart of the Chinese defences of [S2] and there was nothing that [S2] could do to stop it. This flag cap put the Bleed on [S2] and it stayed that way for the rest of the match. Numerous forays proved futile in trying to get back the HQ flag, While 3FSJ pushed forward on the ground outside ATOM, moving into and capturing Camp Beta, Leaving [S2] with only 3 flags. [S2] replied with fire, with their backs to the walls, There was no way they were going down with out a fight, the Z10 was dodging the F35 still with another kamkaze kill scored on it ( I think it only needed to be done once lol) And the squads being pushed out to Airfield entrance and Airfield being met with fierce resistance although entrance fell to 3FSJ, But soon was under alot of pressure as [S2]'s attack was constant but were losing tickets in their all out drive to push the US invaders from the area. Entrace was recapped by some daring squad work and some good covering fire from the [S2] Z10 once it got off the ground as 3FSJ had realised how dangerous the chopper was and were trying their best to keep it grounded. Level One was under attack from above and below and full credit to the [S2] defenders who held that flag for nearly the entire round before 3FSJ pushed in and tried to cap it, maanging to grey it before some well timed [S2] infantry reinforcements arrived through the SL and helped secure the flag. Some raiding parties were sent out in an effort to tie down the 3FSJ troops and prevent more troops from spawning in at the HQ flag but there seemed to be dozens of them at HQ. The z10 made a few more passes of HQ wiping out the troops on the ground but there were like ants, more just kept popping up. 3FSJ had secured their foothold and were determined not to let go and kept the bleed for the entire round. 3FSJ taking the round with a convincing win 126 - 0

Final Score 3FSJ won by 133 to 0

Now that was a great way to end the 16 v 16 season. A tough match, against great opponents and alot of fun. ATOM was a tough map to play with 2 players down but we gritted out teeth and dug in and had some great performances.
Congrats to 3FSJ for their season and their sportsmanship in the match. Was alot of good stuff happening and nice to see that your blokes would pull the knife out when confronted with one Smile Best of luck with the future and you guys staged a great comeback in the 1st round and your tactics in the 2nd round were very sneaky and also very very lucky ( what commander tells his pilot i want you to ram lol.) But it was the right call to make because it won you that round as your squad capped that flag and we couldn't move them.
To the [S2] guys what a great season we had alot of good laughs and some great fun. Once again showing that we can give as good as we take, with some good performances against top teams. winning some good matches having some good losses as well and some really good knife fights after them Very Happy

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 3:55 PM, Tue 22 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks to all of [S2] for the enjoyment throughout the season, your a great bunch of guys & gals, and a pleasure to play alongside.
Thanks to all our competitors aswell, without you it would have all been a bit boring.

I can't recall one match that wasn't worth playing. We had some glorious victories, and a few good whoopin's ourselves, /me waves at AvA. Each one gave us something to think about, and had us looking forward to the next.
A salute for you all.
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PostPosted: 5:14 PM, Tue 22 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

With Stupid

Thanks for the match 3FSJ, enjoyable way to end the season.
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 5:46 PM, Tue 22 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well said Cryptic.. Great write up Vyper.

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PostPosted: 5:59 PM, Tue 22 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

yep , cheers for game 3FSJ and to the S2 mob for the season , was good fun , really enjoyed the 16v16 games , another thx to the guys who handled the admin stuff through-out the season Orange_Colorz_PDT_11
well played all
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 6:58 AM, Wed 23 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

yep well done all great season i enjoyed all your company and it was a lot of fun thanks again. Orange_Colorz_PDT_07

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PostPosted: 8:04 AM, Wed 23 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

good game 3fsj was good fun, oxi was on holidays but i know he wouldve wanted in Orange_Colorz_PDT_06 Razz
another fun season S2, mebe theres one left in bf2 but who knows..
and great write-up/s as always vyps, wd n gg
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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 1:31 PM, Wed 23 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

bugger Orange_Colorz_PDT_13

oh well, bad luck guys, sounds like ya'll had fun in that last game and sorry i couldnt be there. congrats to 3fsj Orange_Colorz_PDT_15

Cryptic wrote:
Thanks to all of [S2] for the enjoyment throughout the season, your a great bunch of guys & gals, and a pleasure to play alongside.
Thanks to all our competitors aswell, without you it would have all been a bit boring.

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