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 [S2] vs AFO GS 10 v 10
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PostPosted: 9:41 PM, Sun 20 Jan 2008    Post subject: [S2] vs AFO GS 10 v 10 Reply with quote

It was like an old west show down. Both sides have gone head to head numerous times, neither side woul;d back down, and the hands were hovering over the holsters ready to draw....
So once again [S2] were going to rumble with AFO in the sands of Oman with the scores being 1 match apiece and this the 3rd encounter on OMAN between the 2 sides.

Round 1 [S2] as MEC
A slightly staggered rollout by the [S2} lads, seemed to mirror the rollout from AFO, both sides playing it cagey in the opening minutes securing teh 2nd flag and then the usual sniping across the train tracks. But that wasn't to last long, as both sides were sending Vodniks and Hummers around the Flanks, with AFO being the most successful getting a squad through to construction site and causing some headaches with the AFO SL managing to stay alive for quite awhile, and allowing his squad to grey the flag but some well times defence and a nice arty drop cleared them out and allowed [S2] to regain their main and resume the stalemate. [S2] pushed a squad out towards beach head but the AFO defence and tank were too strong thwarting their efforts to get near the US main. Both sides were trying various tactics infantry pushes on foot towards village and city flags, Arty drops to clear out defenders and tank support, but both sides tanks spent most of the round hiding from the swarms of AT rockets that would appear everytime they poked their noses out of cover. Once Again AFo managed to get infantry near the Arty on the hill in front of construction spawning a squad in, but quick reactions by the [S2] commander with his sniper rifle, the Tank and covering troops from City managed to drive off the attack yet again. Both sides then made decoy runs with AFo being successful in drawing defenders away from city, greying the flag, but [S2] coutnerattacked before the american flag was half way up the pole with a tank and massed infantry clearing out the AFO attackers from the zone and once again securing the flag for the Mec side. Both commanders were doing some very nice arty drops getting multiple kills with most of their drops. [S2] managed to stage a successful raid on the village flag But AFO followed the counterattacking footsteps of [S2] taking out the attckers before the flag was capped. The tickets were counting down, and as they counted down the medic's were called to work overtime, not one injured soldier was left to bleed on the battlefiled with the medics also taking a beating getting taken down and needing a medic for themselves. The 2 teams were going hammer and tongs and the tickets were slowing down as the heartbeats start on both sides and slowly ever slowy the tickets got closer to zero. and it was so close with AFO cutting back a 3 ticket [S2] lead to bring it right down to the wire............
1-0 to AFO as the last injured [S2] soldier bled out on the battlefield to end a great first round.

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
After a cracking 1st round the stage was set and adrenaline was flowing through the veins of the [S2] infantry ready to grab their m16's and put em on rock and roll. The countdown hit zero and the vehicles were off and racing, with village coming under a full zerg attack from AFO, While the AFO tank secured city. The [S2] flank guards jumped back in their humvee dodged the tank and managed to get to the AFo main at contrcution and take the pressure off village while AFo scrambled to get defenders back to clear out their main. [S2] were also re-inforcing the SL that had made it into the construction site, getting numbers onto the flag before a tidal wave of AFO defenders swept them away. Village was left alone and [S2] pushed the city flag, while AFo regrouped and forged ahead with their tank and vodniks to village. Both sides fought fiercly around the flags with the result being the flags swapped hands but no bleed as yet as both sides still were in control of 2 flags each. The AFO squad at village were proving harder to kill than cockroaches, it didn't matter what [S2] through at them, Tanks, Humvees, AT rockets, Arty, bikini babes, Nothing could get rid of the buggers. Mind you the fighting was going on thick and fast now at constuction site as [S2] had managed to secure a SL up on the 4th floor over looking the flag and [S2] had the stairs locked down as well. After a long drawn out battle [S2] secured the flag but lost City right away as AFO were determined to keep it to 2 flags apiece. But that didn't last long as [S2] came pouring out of the construction site, but a SL got around the outside and snukc back into contruction and once again it was capped by AFO while [S2] took city back. There was no bleed, but AFo were killing [S2] at a faster rate and also the medics on AFO were keeping their lads up and running. [S2] were trying to keep up but the kills were just getting away from [S2] The pesky squad from village was causing all sort of problems in the [S2] main occasionally pushing down otherwise they were fighting it out and taking down vehicles with combined triple AT strikes at the same time. the round ended up as 2 flags each but the kills and medic work are what won AFO, playing this 2nd round smart. Taking it out 53-0

Round 1 [S2] 0 AFO 1
Round 2 [S2] 0 AFO 52
Total [S2] 0 AFO 53

Another great intense match in dodge with the old enemy AFO. Thanks Hypa and the boys for a great match, that first round was fantastic, once again we have had a 1 ticket round. Good luck in your upcoming matches guys. To the [S2] mob, nice work, that first round had some great squad work and awesome defence. 2nd round we dug deep but just couldn't budge the AFO guys. Top efforts to everyone involved. Looking forward to the next battle in this rivalry, but i think the map should havea chopper on it next time Very Happy


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PostPosted: 8:27 AM, Mon 21 Jan 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

great game AFO, nice work in the 2nd.. shame we didnt get to do much damage with your tank Razz Wink
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