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 GA 16 v 16 [S2] vs CCT
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PostPosted: 10:02 PM, Mon 04 Jun 2007    Post subject: GA 16 v 16 [S2] vs CCT Reply with quote

The SOBR bank balance was running low, all those late nights, booze and fast women had taken their toll on the gang's funds. Donk's came striding into the camp one day with a massive smile upon his face. he walked over to a table laid a map down and slapped it hard with his hand. " Here we go boys, the perfect piece of real estate to help us get back on our feet." And so it was as we all crowded around the map table, a refinery, a power station, a market place, an old fashion lumber yard, and two idealic locations for some local peasants to live in. The Boys yelled in delight at the prospects of the money that would come rolling in once we set ourselves up in Dragon valley. " The only problem is that as i was walking away from the old man who gave me the map, i heard him talking to a new comer, i didn't see who it was but i did catch a glimpse of a badge on his shoulder, it read CCT" Donk's explained. "So saddle up boys we going to have some work to do before we crack open any beer tonight." The boys scattered racing for their bunk's grabbing their kits and hitting the road. The peace in Dragon Valley was about to be shattered.

Round 1 [S2] as PLA
We started on defence and the roll out was prepared. The matched started and CCT was greated by a swarm of AT rounds from island farmhouse heading into their main. [S2] armour pushed forward from woodyard and hill village and our main, locking off the roads and putting choke points into effect, nullifying the CCT rollout. The Choppers went head to head in the air with the Z10 winning the first battle of the air. The call from Frizto was to hold the line and the boys did a magnificent effort. The armour and chopper, picking off buggies and the CCT choppers before they did any damage or reached any of our flags. While the CCT armour was finding it hard to leave their base thru the swarms of AT rockets, plus tank shells and TV missiles. Twice we managed to push a squad from island into their main to create chaos. One of our attack squads made a menace of themselves by managing to get all the way up to the arty above the USMC main and from their taking down the arty and then pouring in AT rounds from on high. CCT kept coming though, sending buggies up over the hills, only to find them running into the Z10 which was positioned for such an eventuality. They did try an excellent tactic of a buggy plus a SRAW squad on foot to try and give it covering fire, which did cause some nimble dancing by the chopper to avoid all the sraws, although they did manage to hit it once. The defensive line was still holding firm. Finally though thru a crack a buggy made it across to hill village and CCT had their first flag. From this, CCT pushed into refinery going after the main to deny us our assets and armour and the chopper. With an early call and some good spawning in from defenders, the threat was averted and CCT switched their attacks onto the woodyard which was soon in their hands. A see saw battle followed, but our armour moved in and capped back the woodyard holding it for the rest of the round. With the bleed working against them the round ended with the score being 116 – 0 to [S2]

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
After an excellent start and a quick half time break, it was time to start the hard slog and we knew this was going to be a tough round. The round started and with only the required SL spawning it it was off and running. The Blackhawk got off the ground despite some IGLA and AT rocket fire from Island farmhouse. The CCT Z10 moved to intercept it but as it was chasing the Blackhawk down, the cobra blew it out of the sky clearing the way for the airborne assault on the PLA main. With 2 full squads spawning in on the roof of refinery it was going to be a bloody battle. The cobra was providing cover fire keeping the z10 grounded but with the armour from CCT rushing to ensure their main was safe it had to leave for safer airspace. The squads fought valiantly for the refinery flag but under a storm of bullets CCT had managed to defend their main from a determined attack. Meanwhile while all their concentration was on refinery the [S2] armour boys had rolled into island farmhouse, meeting only minimal resistance and capping it, taking us off the bleed. From there it was combined pushes towards Wood Yard and Hill Village. With the armour splitting, the chopper was flying cover but was finding this round a lot more difficult as CCT were using the numerous IGLA sites to their advantage to harass it, and keep it from being as effective as it could be. The [S2] attack squad was busy as well while the armoured boys were duking it out with the CCT armour and defences around the flags at Hill and Wood Yard, they took the blackhawk to the CCT main and again attacked the refinery flag. This time successfully capping it with some help from stolen armour and the cobra. With their main now in [S2] hands, CCT reacted violently pushing hard up from Hill village but were fought off by the attack squad who were determined not to give any ground. Meanwhile the armour boys had capped not only Wood Yard but dispatched an outrider to take power station as well unscathed. CCT were now confined to one flag and it was a bloody cauldron of fire, Hill village was raked by tank shells, APC rounds, 50 cal buggy fire, tows, stingers, chopper Tv missiles and artillery was pouring in and with a mad rush across the ford by the apc’s and tanks and down the hill in buggies, the Hill village flag was soon in [S2] hands. And it was the final hunt to take down the last few surviving CCT soldiers. And then it was all over. The round ending 53 – 0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 116 CCT 0
Round 2 [S2] 53 CCT 0
Total score [S2] 169 CCT 0

The Valley lay silent, after a short but ferocious battle. With [S2] coming out on top.
Many thanks to CCT for the match, a good match with some really unique ideas for escaping the USMC base when we thought we had u penned in, that anti air SRAW squad looked awesome from in the air with all those rockets flying everywhere. Look forward to meeting u guys again.
And to the rest of the lads, well done, a great game with all aspect working well and some really good squad work.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 11:21 PM, Mon 04 Jun 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

As usual, great writeup Vyper Applause
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