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 GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs =KoD=
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PostPosted: 8:22 PM, Wed 18 Apr 2007    Post subject: GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs =KoD= Reply with quote

Match Report by VyperAus

Well we thought it was over a long gruelling campaign all across the world. From the sands of the middle east, to the shores of China. The boys from [S2] had been in alot of action. So the idea of a long leave, putting the feet up and cracking open a few tinnies, sounded like a great idea to the boys. The only problem was on the flight home, Donk's in all his wisdom, decided that we needed to make a slight detour and the plane landed on the outskirts of a shell torn city that had been ravaged by numerous skirmishes. The groans went up from the boys as the column of vehicles approached the now familiar streets of karkand. We had been here numerous times before, Donk's informed us that a band of KOD warriors had taken up residence in the hills and were even now on the way to claim what remained of the city for their army.

Round 1 [S2] As MEC

The rifles were loaded, the tank’s engines roared to life. The last battle for Karkand was beginning. Donks and his squad took to hotel, promising to hold it, seeing as the beer for the end of round party was in the fridge there. Cryptic laid some C4 on the flag at hotel before falling back to square where the rest of his squad were waiting with ERYX’s for the incoming KOD armour that we knew was on the way. KOD launched an attack on our main, Sending the APC and humvee around the back to try and surprise us. HRT dealt with the APC with a very nice triple kill thanks to the HJ8. The call went out nice and early to ensure that we held onto the market place. Good defence from Scooby, Shrike, Vyper and HRT, and Fun bringing the tank back in support. KOD nearly managed to steal our tank but Vyper was alert to the danger jumping in for fun and holding the tank taking out a few KOD troopers and running over Shrike as well getting a ncie TK as he drove away from a C4 carrying trooper. This defence ensured that we didn’t lose the flag. KOD the poured fire in, trying to set up cover for their infantry to push forward into the flag zone at hotel. Donk’s, Crayon, Ozzie, Ezy and Scooby were all involved in the heavy fighting. After numerous pushes KOD succeeded in greying and capping the flag at hotel. But Donks was driving his squad with a ruthlessness that hasn’t been seen for a long time desperate to keep hold of the beer fridge. The flag was soon greyed by the hotel squad and back in [S2] hands but it was still under attack and would be for the entire match. The flag changed hands a few more times being greyed numerous times but always [S2] was able to counter the danger.
The bleed was taken large amounts of tickets, as the KOD armour was stuck for the most part outside the city and even then was coming under fire from long range ERYX shots and tank shells from Shrike, Vyper and Fun. The hotel squad was facing fierce attacks constantly but were using everything to drive back the KOD troopers. The bleed lowered and finally the round ended with [S2] still in control of all 3 flags. The score 105 to nil

Round 2
After drinking the cold beer from the hotel fridge it was time to consider assaulting the city as we wanted more beer and Donk’s had let slip that there was more beer to be had after the 2nd and last round for the campaign.
The squads were formed up with the armour heading to hotel and the humvee going on a mad drive to clear the mines, well that was the plan. What happened was somewhat different. The APC headed for the hills before changing directions and coming back into the city, The tank was a little slow off the mark. But the real story was the humvee. With total reckless abandon, Donk’s went thru the city like a madman. He went straight over the top of freshly laid mines at the city entrance saved by the fact the mines had activated yet. Straight past the flag at hotel heading to square but he still didn’t stop straight over a 2nd batch of fresh mines. Leading a charmed life he drove straight off the jump and pulled up with a nice skid in front of the market flag, finding out that there was nobody home. The call had already been made and Donk’s soon had a whole squad spawn in on him securing the main MEC flag for [S2] in the opening minute or so of the match. With our first flag secured and the bleed off we looked to see what the next step. The armour was keeping the infantry busy a the entrance to the city tying down forces at hotel. Slowly and with our 2nd bright new piece of armour we started to push forward but our squad work fell apart for a little bit with guys pushing on square from market with little or no co-ordination. Nothing gets squad work going when suddenly a full squad of KOD were pushing on market place, managing to grey the flag. In true [S2] style we staged our rapid scrambling defence and fended off the attack recapping market, with the arrival of reinforcements we re took the tank and proceed to push onto square which we now knew would be defend as the boys were pushing hard on hotel in the armour. Finally we capped square and hotel in quick succession and then it was time to hunt down the final few KOD troopers. KOD had managed a good little trick and had managed to spawn a few guys before they lost their last flag on a SL hiding up above market place and they headed there in quick fashion. The race was on, the armour boys were taking down the last guy on a roof somewhere around square when the last 3 KOD troopers made their push to the market place flag. With engines roaring the armour was driving on a rampage heading towards the market place flag. Wisely [S2] had left behind Vyper in a covering position on the humvee’s .50cal. gunning down one KOD member and allowing enough time for the armoured column to roll out and finish the job off with infantry support.
The round finished 131 to 0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 105 KOD 0
Round 2 [S2] 131 KOD 0
Total [S2] 236 KOD 0

Thanks to KOD for the game and the knife fight afterwards with a few of their boys was good fun. To the [S2] lads, well once again we came through. After a tough and gruelling campaign its good to see we can put our feet up for a while. Well played lads. Special mention to the gimp suited new members was a great effort by you guys in this battle, I doubt the streets of Karkand has ever seen any camo like an [S2] gimp suit. A great way to finish the season. Shame that fritzo couldn’t have been there to witness the driving.
Great team photo too (see above) and typical [S2] carnage afterwards (see below)

When team photo goes bad...


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Gun Slinger

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PostPosted: 8:23 PM, Wed 18 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laughing , that is gold
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Insane (Certified)
Insane (Certified)

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PostPosted: 9:06 PM, Wed 18 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

rofl smashed yas good Laughing
Winners make it happen,Losers let it happen!!

Head nOOb
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PostPosted: 12:58 AM, Thu 19 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Donk wrote:
rofl smashed yas good Laughing

the only thing donks managed to hit all night.

bzzzzzed clear, recharging

alright, your good to go.
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PostPosted: 6:11 PM, Fri 20 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anybody read the report????

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 6:19 PM, Fri 20 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

roflmao you know I read the repot FARK YOUR GOOD

should work for a mag or something Happy

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PostPosted: 6:53 PM, Fri 20 Apr 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

were good reports all season Razz
gj guys
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PostPosted: 5:18 PM, Thu 10 May 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

love that pic guys, awesome win...

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