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 GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs Ubik 14/3/07
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PostPosted: 5:51 AM, Thu 15 Mar 2007    Post subject: GA 10 v 10 [S2] vs Ubik 14/3/07 Reply with quote

After a narrow loss to the 9th rangers the boys from [S2] were itching for a fight to show that we still have what it takes to win a match.
And Ubik obliged us by challenging us to a map on which we have never played before Clean sweep. Would it be a good outing for the boys of [S2] or would they literally get swept away by the tide of Ubik challengers

Round 1 [S2] as MEC
[S2] started out on defence planning no holding our island from the vile american marines for as long as possible. The tactics squad had come up with a strategy and a different commander was used to hold our island from the infidels.
Donks and ezy took to the skies in the bomber as the rest of the boys made like they were from maquarie fields grabbing the nearest vehicles they could and racing into positions. Within the first minute the us f15 was shot down by a combination of the tunguska, the Su34 and the final shot by bully in the IGLA. preventing the usual tactic of a SL bail out. meanwhile nothing else was noted on the satellite scans heading towards the island. the rest of the boys settled down for the long wait ready for action at which ever flag was threatened. The f 15 did get off the ground and managed to bail a SL onto small airfield, but the bail landed up the back well away from the flag amongst the artillery, allowing cryptic and Sefski in the armour to hold the squad that spawned off long enough for reinforcements to arrive in pasha on foot and HRT in an APC ( an unusual position for him as he wasn't commanding this game) after a short firefight in which both the tank and tunguska got taking down by the sraws from the squad on the hill top, the 2nd spawning and a nice strafing run by the jet cleaned the hilltops of the remains of the ubik squad. Meanwhile a ubik had mounted a raid onto control centre managing to land a squad out of a black hawk taking the flag for a short time but getting pinned down around the flag zone with excellent tanking by Fun keeping them on the flag as a counter attack was ordered by commander Vyper pushing forward 2 APC’s and 2 infantry to recap the flag. The control centre flag was back in [S2] hands in short order. Meanwhile a Blackhawk had managed to dodge donks and the force at control centre making it and dropping off a few troops at small airfield. This attack force didn’t last long through the efforts of cryptic and sefski defending the flag and wiping out all the attackers. The rest of the round consisted of waves of boats and blackhawks with each being driven off time and again by the defending [S2] squads. Finally right at the end of the roun, Ubik succeeded in taking control centre off us but by then it was too little too late as the bleed and some excellent pilot work had done the damage. The round ended 119 - 0 to [S2]

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
This was going to be a tricky round as the odds are stacked against the USMC forces at the start. Once again donks took to the air, supported by cryptic who was taking the chopper, with Sefski pushing towards control centre in the APC ( going the long way mind you, which way were you going Sef??) The bail onto small airfield was aborted by fun due to the enemy plane on Donk’s tail and the report of significant amounts of enemy armour at small airfield. Fun landed at refuelling station finding it empty of any Ubik defenders and his squad spawned in, taking the flag and getting set up for what was going to be a bloody battle. Fighting off armour and waves of infantry Fun and his squad tirelessly were holding their ground, sraws taking out the marauding Ubik armour and the fast buggy assaults. Donk’s was adding support from the air taking out armour before it got to refuelling station and ezy was a menace from the backseat of the plane, his missiles finding plenty of targets to hit. By this time as squad 4 was going to work, cryptic was getting bored flying by himself so he started to head in towards a flag, looking for an open one. Not sure which one to head towards he took some fire from the enemy bomber and bailed at the lightly defended control centre flag, sneaking up behind the tank which was the sole defender ( and was busy shooting at Sefski who was making his way in via the water, still) using his C4 and then heading towards the flag, greying it, taking out the tank driver who had respawned to take revenge and with the arrival of sefski securing the flag for [S2]. With 2 flags in possession and some lovely shiny new armour as well, we locked down both flags, making the tickets count. Also to help out we started to pin the ubik bomber on the ground with buggy runs APC’s and sraws turning it into a pile of flaming wreckage as it kept trying to take off. With armour defending and pushing in towards small airfield we had the upper hand. With the skies free of the enemy plane Donks was able to concentrate on ground targets doing a lot of damage between himself and Ezy. A few times Ubik managed to get buggies or guys in onto refuelling flag but a quick response by the [S2] armour or infantry made sure that the attack was short lived. Against overall odds Ubik pushed in and managed to grey the flag at refuelling station, it was a well timed attack having taken our armour out as their jet got off the ground on one of its rare forays into the air since we capped refuelling. It was Donk’s and Ezy to the rescue once again with accurate bombs and missiles clearing out the flag and blue thunder who had charged in to help recap it. The counter attack succeeded taking back the flag returning us to our 2 – 1 flag lead. Once again the bomber was locked down in the hangar until an arty drop by ubik cleared out the guys locking it down. We continued playing and started pushing hard into the airfield, with fun taking blue thunder and sneaking around the back of the last remaining flag. The first time they were cut down, the second time they were successful managing to steal the Tunguska and tank making the cap out with some APC support from refuelling station. And then it was down to hunting the last few soldiers. The round ended up being 80 – 0 to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 119 - Ubik 0
Round 2 [S2] 80 - Ubik 0
Total [S2] 199 - Ubik 0

A great match ,for our first time out on clean sweep. The squad work and offense was the best it has been for a while. Great work by all the boys, Donks in the jet was awesome stopped only by the UAV a few times lol. On the ground the armour and infantry boys worked well following orders and supporting each other. It was an interesting to see you guys form the commanders point of view and I was impressed for my second time out. Thanks to Ubik for the match and for the fun and games afterwards Smile good luck for the rest of the season boys.

TV missiles, Reach out and touch someone Very Happy
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PostPosted: 1:25 PM, Thu 15 Mar 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

good commanding vyps you lead well, wd guys ts was clean things were done right :thumbright:
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PostPosted: 5:05 PM, Wed 21 Mar 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

awesome work guys, sounds like it was a good battle

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