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 GA 10 v 10 [S2] Vs =s[O]a=
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PostPosted: 10:27 PM, Thu 25 Jan 2007    Post subject: GA 10 v 10 [S2] Vs =s[O]a= Reply with quote

It was on us match 5 of the GA 10 v 10 comp. The challengers were Sons of Alexander an unknown quantity to us so we would afford them the respect any new foe gets on the battlefield. The map was Daqing Oilfields, the perfect place for alot of blood to be spilt fighting for the precious oil.

Round 1 [S2] as PLA

The roll out was planned, and the pieces didn't quite fall into place with some terrible spawn locations but it didn't affect the rollout much. The chopper took to the air and the bongo vans and buggies took positions with a lone buggy striking forwards to put pressure on cisterns. unfortuneately the trap failed as the SOA chopper took down ours. A quick change of plans by HRT saw the balance of the forces shift to atatck cisterns and our chopper gunner changed. quickly the chopper took to the air and the SOA chopper was a falling wreckage. HRT called the attack with the Vyper bailing onto the roof of refinery with guys joining rapidly and spawning off him putting a nasty squad in a great location close to the main SOA flag. The roof top squad put alot of pressure on the SOA main keeping their chopper down with eryxs allowing our choper the chance to harvest some kills. Meanwhile Ezy in the armour had pushed up wiht some support from the old city and we had capped cisterns with pressure being put on the SOa main for quite some time with the bleed building up our lead by some 60 or so tickets. Then the wheels fell off. The lads suffered from a sudden attack of "pub rambo style attacks" Our attacks got slaughtered as we pushed for their main leaving cisterns lightly guarded, SOA took advantage sending a buggy to our main to draw the chopper off meanwhile a SL had gotten to cisterns and spawned a heap of guys there overwhelming the defences. citerns fell and shortly we were pushed back into main with our chopper also getting smashed to the ground by a surprising shot from the SOA chopper, which subsequently kept our chopper on the ground for the rest of the match, despite the best efforts to shoot their chopper down. SOA locked down cisterns and our teamwork fell apart, we attacked in piecemeal attacks and were driven off with the SOA chopper reaping some easy kills. After a 50 or 60 point lead and looking so prominsing it was a disastarous end to the round relaising that we had lost our heads and been gunned down like ducks in a shooting gallery.
Round 1 to SOA 17 -0

Round 2 [S2] as USMC
After a quick break and some serious discussoin and a sub coming in, the lads were eager to make up for the poor finish to the last round.
The roll out was simple and effective, with the attack squad taking and holding cisterns which was going to be a major point through out this round. The chopper started off well doing some early damage getting the first kill on the SOA chopper and hitting their armour but spent alot of time dodging stingers and vodniks peppering the sky around it. The boys that took cisterns locked it down, facing coutnless waves of infantry and buggies and sometimes the SOA tank coming at them. Soon after our chopper was shot down and the SOA chopper started to exert its power over the battlefield keeping ours grounded and this allowed SOa to launch their first successful attack on cisterns taking it off us placing us on bleed, very quickly organised counterattacks took place, taking tickets off SOa and putting pressure on them. During one attack the SOA chopper made a poor shot selection and allowed our chopper to get off the ground, The chopper crew quickly regained air superiority and with this cisterns once again was back in [S2]'s hands after a few bloody battles. Cisterns continued to change hands quiet a few times through out the map till we got the full squad back there and the boys did a sterling job in locking it down. The chopper was raining death on anything that moved. SOa launched more attacks and also managed to sneak a buggy through to our main on a few occasions but this was quickly mopped up with the boys dropping back but only enough to take care of the threat also helped by the chopper.
The bleed wore down SOa and the round ended with a 73 - 0 victory to [S2]

Round 1 [S2] 0 =s[O]a= 17
Round 2 [S2] 73 =s[O]a= 0
Total [S2] 73 =s[O]a= 17

Well what a game of 2 halves fellas. the first statred off good but turned into indivuals in towards the end. The 2nd round massive difference a well co ordinated team with proper squad work and comms. Thats the way to play it.
Thanks to Sons od Alexander for a good game, see you in the furture boys.

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PostPosted: 8:21 AM, Fri 26 Jan 2007    Post subject: Reply with quote

good recovery... not much else to comment on really i dont think.
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