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 Round 1 of the GS finals: [S2] v Plus
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PostPosted: 9:27 PM, Tue 21 Nov 2006    Post subject: Round 1 of the GS finals: [S2] v Plus Reply with quote

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Final series of the Gamespace 10 v 10 competition. In the Red corner we have the boys from S2 who have held the top spot on the ladder for the last few weeks. And in the Blue corner we have the Team from Plus who have suffered only one loss in their season so far at the hands of RSS.
So who's it going to be folks, sit back and stay tuned as they meet in the down town and dirty streets of Jalabad.

Round 1 [S2] as USMC.
With net problems causing our tanker snake to drop out. With a quick reshuffle the game was on. We sent a squad to market, who met little resistence and capped it pretty easily, and then they broke up and pushed towards the plus main, plus in the meantime had sent their tank to hotel and a buggy to our main. The firefight in our main distracted us and with that we pushed towards hotel from market. but we were met with fierce resistance from plus. After this plus decided that they didn't like us having market and started wave after wave of attacks at it finally succeeding when their backup arrived in the form of the tank overwhelming the defenders. With market and hotel in their hands Plus employed a very good strategy once they had us back in the junk yard and kept us contained quite well until a good breakout took back market but it was too little to late wiht the bleed doing alot of damage to our ticket count.
Plus took the first round 77 - 0

Round 2 [S2] as MEC
This time we were determined for a better showing. the rollout was good with market being capped quickly and the tank pushing forwards. Plus capped hotel and so for a time being it was 2 flags apiece. Plus kept sending squads around the back of the mosque causing all sorts of problems, but really good commanding by HR ensured he had numbers back their keeping our main safe till very late in the game. The main battles were then in the streets leading to market and hotel. the defenders held market really well not giving an inch even after plus managed to steal our tank, allowing them to attack with their tan while defending their main. It was bitter street fighting at its very best, with bullets, knifes and grenades being enchaged in the alleyways. Plus finally massed enough numbers towards the end of the match to take market, and then pushed succesfully on mosque. But while they were doing that, S2 had Capped Hotel and then pushed to Junkyard and capped that, but it was too little too late with the time on bleed while Plus held 3 flags and the kills, mounting up, the round finished up 63 - 0 to plus

Round 1 [S2] 0 Plus 77
Round 2 [S2] 0 Plus 63
Final Score 140 - 0 to Plus

There you have it folks, a tough match along the streets of Jalabad with plus walking out the victors. The score doesn't show the very tough and bitter battle that it was, in reality being alot closer than the score line suggests.

Thanks to plus for a mighty game, you guys sure know how to play BF2. And to the rest of the lads magnificent effort, especailly after the last time we played against plus. we survived the capout and held our own for most of the match. Very nice work, Now on to AVA and the next slugfest.


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PostPosted: 8:19 AM, Wed 22 Nov 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

HR = HRT i guess Shocked

GREAT write up tho man

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